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Idyllic atmosphere during WTIP's 6th annual Radio Waves Music Festival, September 6-8, 2013 (Carah Thomas)

WTIP regularly hosts live in-studio music. We feature local musicians, groups and bands as well as musicians and bands visiting the area.

What's On:

Hovland musicians Jim & Michele Miller stop by Studio A

20120330jimandmichellemiller.mp357.07 MB

Buck and Bob hosted local musicians Jim and Michele Miller Mar. 30, who talked about how they collaborate, and shared some great music.


Clearwater Hot Club brings hot, cool jazz to Studio A

20120316clearwaterhotclub.mp351.55 MB

Buck, Bob & Ann welcomed the Clearwater Hot Club (Sam Miltich, Matt Miltich, Mike Miller) to The Roadhouse during spring membership drive for talk, laughter, and great music.


Chastity Brown stops by Studio A to talk and play from her new album, "Back-Road Highways"

20120309chastitybrown.mp351.22 MB

Chastity Brown stopped in to The Roadhouse March 9 to talk with Buck and Bob about creating her newest album, "Back-Road Highways." The official release is March 24 at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis.

Stonebridge Singers Drum from Grand Portage - photo by Stephan Hoglund

Stonebridge Singers Drum from Grand Portage at Sled Dogs to St. Paul Rally

GP Singers FINAL.mp311.31 MB

The Stone Bridge Singers Drum is a group made up of 11 young men from Grand Portage. They kicked off Thursday’s “Sled Dogs To St. Paul Rally” in Grand Marais’ Harbor Park. WTIP’s Cathy Quinn visited with them between songs. Group Drum Keeper Brandon Dahl spoke on behalf of the rest of the Stone Bridge Singers.


The Thunderheads play Studio A

20120224thunderheads.mp355.9 MB

Buck and Bob welcomed Twin Cities band The Thunderheads (Steve Blexrud, Craig Paquette & Don Blue) to The Roadhouse Feb. 24 for plenty of chat, laughter and music.


Michael Johnson & Michael Monroe ring out 2011 on The Roadhouse

20111230johnsonmonroe.mp375.31 MB

Local favorites Michael Monroe and Michael Johnson stopped by The Roadhouse Dec. 30 for what is becoming a year-end musical tradition.


Bluesman Gordon Thorne stops by The Roadhouse

20111223gordonthorne.mp361.57 MB

Local musician Gordon Thorne visited Studio A Dec. 23 for lots of music and holiday cheer.


Community Christmas Concert: Rehearsals & Reflections

Finalcut_Christmas_Concert_20111202.mp39.5 MB

This year’s performances of the annual Community Christmas Concert in Grand Marais drew capacity crowds, December 4 & 5th.  In this feature, WTIP volunteer Mark Abrahamson talks with conductor and composer Bill Beckstrand, now in his second year as director.  Mark also recorded parts of the final rehearsal and spoke with orchestra and chorus members.

Keith Secola plays live in WTIP's Studio A / photo by Stephan Hoglund

Keith Secola

Secola Interview PART 1.mp38.55 MB
Secola Interview SONG 1.mp34.42 MB
Secola Interview PART 2.mp313.74 MB
Secola Interview SONG 2.mp36.49 MB
Secola Interview PART 3 (PARIS).mp317.78 MB
Secola Interview SONG 3 (FLUTE).mp32.59 MB
Secola Interview PART 4.mp36.62 MB
Secola Interview SONG 4.mp35.54 MB
Secola Interview PART 5.mp314.64 MB
Secola Interview SONG 5 (Ooh Highway).mp33.57 MB
Secola Interview PART 6.mp32.04 MB
Secola Interview SONG 6 (This Land).mp32.44 MB
Secola Interview PART 7.mp3846.6 KB
Secola Interview SONG 7 (NDN Kars).mp37.09 MB

Native folk and blues rocker Keith Secola is an accomplished artist: award-winning musician, master guitarist and native flute player; singer, songwriter, composer and producer. His music is familiar to thousands of fans across North America and Europe, where he's been playing his brand of progressive music in concerts to a cult following for many years. Keith's famous song, "NDN Kars", is considered the contemporary Native American anthem and is the most requested song on Native radio in the US and Canada. Keith Secola is Anishinabe (Ojibwa) originally from the Mesabi Iron Range country of northern Minnesota, now residing in Arizona. He's a member of the Anishinabe Nation of northern Minnesota and southern Ontario, Canada. Secola visited Grand Marais for a show on Nov. 12, 2011 and stopped by WTIP for an interview and live studio performance.


Keith Secola WTIP Interview - Images by stephan hoglund