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Live Music Archive

Idyllic atmosphere during WTIP's 6th annual Radio Waves Music Festival, September 6-8, 2013 (Carah Thomas)

WTIP regularly hosts live in-studio music. We feature local musicians, groups and bands as well as musicians and bands visiting the area.

What's On:
Thunderheads in Studio A. Photo by Brian Neil.

Thunderheads join The Roadhouse

The Thunderheads returned to The Roadhouse to play some original and some cover tunes.  They also chatted with Dave and Brian about the latest endeavors the band has taken on.  The Thunderheads are Steve Blexrud; lead guitar and vox, Craig Paquette; rhythm & slide guitar, vox. Don Blue; bass guitar, and Bill Boyce; drums. 

You can learn more about Thunderheads on their Facebook page.


Freelance Valet Poster.  Photo via Freelance Valet Facebook page.

Freelance Valet perform on The Roadhouse

Freelance Valet is a new group made up of Terry V from the Big Wu and Mitch Johnson from Kind Country.  They joined Dave and Julie on The Roadhouse to chat about how the two came together and play a few tunes.

You can learn more about Freelance Valet on their Facebook page.


Jim McGowan in Studio A.  Photo by Brian Neil.

Jim McGowan celebrates Fourth of July weekend on The Roadhouse

Jim McGowan joins Dave and Brian on The Roadhouse to play a few songs and chat about Fourth of July traditions.


Colleen Myhre in Studio A.  Photo by Brian Neil.

Colleen Myhre plays live on The Roadhouse

Colleen Myhre returns for a live music session on The Roadhouse.  She also chats with Dave about her upcoming summer plans.


Paper Parlor in Studio A. Photo by Brian Neil.

Paper Parlor kicks off their Summer Tour on The Roadhouse

Paper Parlor is a five-piece group that blends many genres into upbeat tunes. The band is Zach Shears (auxiliary percussion), Chad Hoffland (lead percussion), Wilson Johnson (bass), Kirdan Wenger (vocals/guitar), and  Allison Payonk (saxophone).  They stopped by The Roadhouse just before a gig at the Wunderbar to play some tunes for us.

You can learn more about Paper Parlor on their Facebook page here.


Ginstrings in Studio A. Photo by Brian Neil.

Ginstrings return for another Roadhouse performance

Ginstrings are an acoustic progressive string band with roots in Bluegrass, Folk, and Americana, and are frequent visitors of the North Shore music scene.  They joined the Roadhouse while in town for a recent gig to play some tunes from their upcoming album.


Photo courtesy Buck Benson

Rich Mattson & the Northstars perform live in studio on The Roadhouse

Rich Mattson & the Northstar Trio joined Dave and Julie on the Roadhouse recently to play some songs from their latest album "Totem".  They also talked about what they've been up to so far in 2019.

You can learn more about the group here.


Aaron Heaton AKA Heatbox on WTIP

The beatboxing Heatbox on the Roadhouse

Heatbox is the alter ego of Aaron Heaton, a Minneapolis based vocal performer who blends vocal percussion and vocal turntablism with the simulation of horns, strings, musical instruments, and various sonic anomalies.  He joined our own Will Moore on the Roadhouse to perform some of music and explain how he creates his sound.

You can learn more about Heatbox here.


One Way Traffic in Studio A.  Photo by Brian Neil.

One Way Traffic performs on The Roadhouse

One Way Traffic is an Americana/Grassroots band hailing from St. Louis.  The group is Leah Osborne (Ukulele/Lead Vocals), Drew Lance (Percussion/Vocals), Sam Aubuchon (Mandolin), Taylor Perkins (Bass), and Sam Avery (Guitar/Vocals).  You can find out more about the group on their Facebook page.

The group was recently in Grand Marais, and they stopped by the WTIP studios for a live performance on The Roadhouse.



Briand Morrison & Roxann Berglund (photo courtesy of Berglund)

Briand Morrison & Roxann Berglund stop by The Roadhouse

Briand Morrison and Roxann Berglund join The Roadhouse to us what they've been up to recently and what they have coming up.  Briand also brought his guitar to play a few songs for us, including one "impromptu jam".  You can learn more about Briand and Roxann here.