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Gunflint area septic inspections are complete

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According to the county’s planning director, the most recent lakeshore septic compliance inspections have been completed. Tim Nelson told the county board on Tuesday four lakes were covered in the inspections.
Nelson: We spent our time up the Gunflint at the four lakes; Sag, Seagull, Poplar and Gunflint Lakes. We did 244 systems over 221 properties. The cost was $41,580, and 100 percent of that cost was covered under the Clean Water Legacy grant that we got.
On Seagull and Saganaga, there was 64% compliance, there was 55% compliance on Gunflint and 67% on Poplar.
Nelson: They all get two years from the time that they receive the letters of notice of non-compliance to get those systems up to compliance, so it’s pretty clear there’s going to be 91 systems up there that are going to have to go through that upgrade.
Commissioner Jim Johnson asked if any progress had been made on having the county set up a fund to help property owners who need to upgrade their systems.
Johnson: People need the upgrade get it done, the county pays for it and then, of course, it goes on my tax bill.
Nelson said a possible plan is under consideration. He added that a new list of lakes to be inspected is currently being compiled.