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Gun threat results in arrests at Great Expectations School

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On Tuesday March 16, Cook County deputies responded to a call from Great Expectations School concerning a possible gun threat.

GES administrator Peter James said, “A teacher who was supervising recess over the lunch hour overheard two of our students talking and one of them mentioned something about bringing a gun to school, is what she thought.” James added,  “So we followed up by interviewing the students involved as well as some other students who were in the area, and based on where we were and the level of concern with safety, just in general with that kind of report, we called the Sheriff’s Department."

James said the Sheriff sent an officer down to do some follow-up interviews and take statements. “And at the end of that time, they determined that two of the students were involved enough to warrant further follow-up. So they arrested two of our students at the end of the day.”

According to the Sheriff’s Initial Complaint Report the juveniles were arrested for making “terroristic threats.” County Attorney Tim Scannell verified the incident but could make no further comments because both students are juveniles.

Great Expectations is a K-8 charter school operating in Grand Marais since the 2003-2004 school year.