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First Thursday broadcast deals with suicide

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On May 6, WTIPs First Thursday Community Conversation dealt with suicide. Guests Jerry Lilja, therapist and supervisor at the Human Development Center in Grand Marais and Grace Bushard, the county’s Social Services supervisor suggested resources for help. Those and others are listed here.
Cook County resources
North Shore Hospital emergency room. 387-3040
Human Development Center. 387-9444
HDC-24 hour crisis line. 1-800-634-8775
Sawtooth Mountain Clinic. 387-2330
Grand Portage Human Services. 475-2453
Cook County Public Health and Human Services. 387-3620
County Law Enforcement Center. 387-3030
Grand Portage Health Services. 475-2235
Always consider using local clergy as a resource.
National resources
National Life Line. 1-800-273-8255