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County Highway Engineer resigns

Cook County Highway Engineer Sharon “Shae” Kosmalski has resigned her position effective no later than Sept. 30 of this year. The resignation became effective Feb. 12 and was accepted by the county board at their Feb. 16 meeting. The six-page resignation document states the agreement was made to “resolve all outstanding matters” between the county and Kosmalski, although those matters are not enumerated. The agreement further states that any issues that might exist, do not constitute evidence of wrongful conduct or fault. According to County Attorney Tim Scannell, commissioners have been asked to refer any public inquiries to his office and Kosmalski is restricted from talking about the details of the agreement. Kosmalski’s duties as highway engineer and agriculture inspector will be modified during the period of a search for a new engineer. She will remain at full pay until Sept. 30 or until such earlier time as she vacates her position. Scannell said he does not know when the county will begin advertising to fill Kosmalski’s position. He said one the reasons for the Sept. 30 departure date is to give the county time to seek a qualified replacement. Newly hired Maintenance Supervisor Russell Klegstad is not an engineer.