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Community Producers Project

WTIP invites community members to participate in it's "Community Producers Project," designed to bring a wider range of voices to the air. Participants will learn how to identify topics, record audio, and how to turn recorded material into shareable features. The time commitment is flexible and varies depending on the interests and needs of the participants. For more information email or call 387-1070

Community Producer Resources Learn how to make great radio with tips from industry experts. (read more)

What's On:


Youth Producer Nina Woerheide shares an exciting poem inspired by flight.



Beaver Story

There are all manner of interesting animals running around the forests along the North Shore, though one that often gets overlooked is the beaver. WTIP News Intern Joe Friedrichs took a closer look at North America’s largest rodent.



Stage Door - Rose Arrowsmith Decoux

‘Stage Door’ takes us behind the scenes at the Grand Marais Playhouse. It’s a chance to meet the artists involved in our local theater…in addition to the people involved in production at the Playhouse.
Stage door is produced by Tina Krauz for the Grand Marais Playhouse and WTIP. 



Romance Poem

Youth Producer Nina Woerheide's poem offers one youth's perspective on romance.



Stage Door - Stage Manager

‘Stage Door’ takes us behind the scenes at the Grand Marais Playhouse.



Al Franken Interview

Youth Radio Producer Sean talks with Senator Franken about what it takes to get involved in politics.



Lucy - Internet Recipe

Youth Radio Producer Lucy Callender shares her creative recipe for the internet.



Broadband Interview

Youth Producer Lynden Interviews  Arrowhead’s Joe Butweiler about broadband progress.



Joe Friedrichs - Wolves

Last winter a federal judge ruled to return the wolf to the Endangered Species List, Joseph Friedrichs talked with area conservation officers, trappers and farmers to find out what changes are in store for them in northeast Minnesota.



Gotta Getta Job

Youth Radio Producer Lynden shares his perspective on choosing a career path.