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Community Producers Project

WTIP invites community members to participate in it's "Community Producers Project," designed to bring a wider range of voices to the air. Participants will learn how to identify topics, record audio, and how to turn recorded material into shareable features. The time commitment is flexible and varies depending on the interests and needs of the participants. For more information email or call 387-1070

Community Producer Resources Learn how to make great radio with tips from industry experts. (read more)

What's On:

Wage Gaps

Youth Producer Lucy Speaks with Molly Hicken & Jay Arrowsmith Decoux about gender pay gaps.



Germs On Money

Nina finds out whats lurking in the folds of your wallet!



How we value careers

WTIP's Youth Producer Chloe Blackburn considers salaries for professional athletes and educators.



Ancient Currency

Wtip Youth Radio's Linnea, takes us on an exploration of ancient currencies!



Nuisance bears reported in Cook County

There has been a spike in bear incidents within the county in recent weeks, with at least one nuisance bear being taken from the Gunflint Trail. WTIP News Intern Joe Friedrichs spoke with wildlife officials and Trail residents about the recent bear encounters in the region. Note: Bear baiting begins Saturday, Aug. 15.

(Photo by Ginnette Stacy of a bear investigating the garbage in the back of a pickup truck parked at Saganaga Lake boat landing)



Rock collecting along the North Shore

Agates and other rocks are considered high on the list of North Shore treasures. WTIP News Intern Joe Friedrichs talked with some experts in the field of geology about what makes rock collecting such a unique hobby for some, and a livelihood for others.



Community Producer Feature: Thoughts from Aurora on the Iron Range

WTIP Community Producer Tina Krauz participated in this year’s 4th of July Parade in Aurora Minnesota on the Iron Range. Our Arrowhead region is large and diverse and this gave Tina the opportunity to hear the opinions people from Aurora have on what they like about living in the area, some of the challenges they face, the rewards they value and their futures in this small Range community.



Fishing Women

Along the North Shore and throughout the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness, fishing has been and remains one of the most popular means of getting outdoors and recreating. And in this beautiful part of the country, everyone, including both men and women, are getting in on the fishing action.




Youth Producer Lucy Callender explores what flight means to her.




Hoverboards are here just in time! Youth Producer Doran Acero gives us the scoop.