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Commissioners Reverse and Reappoint County Engineer

As the final agenda item at Tuesday’s meeting of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, Cook County Attorney Molly Hicken recommended the board make a motion reversing the action taken at a special session May 5.

At that time the board voted to reconsider an earlier decision and not to reappoint county engineer David Betts to another four-year term.
Citing threatened litigation and attorney-client privilege, Hicken recommended the discussion pertaining to Betts be continued in closed session.

Forty minutes later, the commissioners reconvened in public to consider a motion by Commissioner Jan Sivertson to void the decision of May 5, reinstate the original decision, and reappoint Betts as county engineer for a four-year term.

In the discussion which followed, Commissioner Frank Moe conceded he was in the minority, but stated his belief in the legality and correctness of the May 5 decision not to reappoint.

He also asked his fellow commissioners for their help in developing a plan to repair County Road 17 and sections of the Arrowhead Trail to a condition they would find acceptable for their own constituents.

The board voted 3-2 in favor of reinstating the original decision and reappointing Betts, with Moe and Commissioner Heidi Doo-Kirk opposing.