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Broken boiler puts park board in hot water

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The boiler that heats the Grand Marais municipal pool and the rest of the building has stopped functioning. The 17-year old boiler has had down times in the past, but according to park manager Dave Tersteeg, this time it’s down for good.
Tersteeg: We’re in hot water. We’ve got hot water, but our boiler at the pool has reached the end of its service life, our main boiler, that is. We do have a back up, so it’s running and the pool is still open and the water is still warm, but the big, hard discussion at the park board was the pool boiler and that it needs to be replaced.
The park board Tuesday voted to approach the city to buy a new system, however it will be expensive.
Tersteeg: The motion was made that the park board feels it’s important to keep the pool open and they would like to appeal to the city council to authorize funds for the replacement of a boiler. I gave them five figures, ball-parking $15,000 to $20,000.
The current backup boiler is only two years old and it’s possible the city council could hold off purchasing a second boiler. The proposed timeline for a new community center/pool complex to be built is optimistically set at two years from completion.