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Boreal Access changes community blog location

The Boreal Access homepage looks different. The “Cook County Conversations” online forum is no longer positioned under the WTIP and News-Herald headlines. The forum still exists, but through a link at the top of the page.

According to a statement from Boreal, the display was removed based on three primary reasons.

First, the forum is a venue where people post their opinions. The other stories on the homepage represent factual information which has been researched and verified by the local media. Boreal felt, while important, personal opinions should not be given the same status as news stories.

Second, Boreal expressed concern that the original idea of a broad community-wide discussion forum has changed.  Lately, they noted, only a few people post on most topics.
Finally, Boreal said, “Based on comments we’ve received, we found that our membership assumed the board and staff of Boreal agreed with and supported all the opinions stated in the forum because we displayed the postings on our home page. This is not true. So, to avoid further confusion, we made the
decision to reposition the link.”

The forum link can be found under the “Around Cook County” banner along with links to road conditions, Friends of Broadband and the link to the Cook County Broadband Initiative.