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Berta Bauer

Berta Bauer
Berta Bauer

Volunteer since:

All the ways I contribute to WTIP...
I host North Shore Digest and various music programs, I'm an underwriter, and a huge fan of the station.

Why I volunteer with WTIP...
I volunteer for the sheer fun of it, and I love how it allows me to contribute to and connect with Cook County & the entire WTIP community.

Fun fact...
After the 1968 Olympics when Peggy Fleming won the gold medal, I dreamed of being a figure skater. I was eight years old. I ice skated for the first time when I was about 15 years old after discovering my sister’s figure skates fit me. It was spring and the water standing in the tree-shelter/grove around our farm site had froze, making it possible for me to skate through the trees. (Not very good ice I learned much later in life after skating on an ice rink).  Although my figure skating dream had all but disappeared before then, after finally ice skating that first time I discovered it was time to completely throw in the towel on that dream.