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Every year, hundreds of WTIP listeners become members by giving a financial donation to the station. Through membership, individuals and families show support and become a part of this community resource. By doing so, these listeners take an active role in WTIP's success.
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Who can be a member?

Anyone and everyone!  Everyone who uses WTIP’s services can and (we believe) should take an active role in helping to support WTIP’s services. 
How can listeners become members? 

Listeners are automatically considered WTIP members when they make a financial contribution to WTIP.  Membership continues for one year from the date of donation, at which time the donor member is encouraged to “renew.” 

To become a member or renew your membership with WTIP, please click here.

The financial contributions of WTIP’s listeners are essential to continuing and strengthening our services.  Please support our efforts through a tax-deductible donation… every dollar makes a difference!

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