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“Pirates” to invade Sawtooth Elementary

They are not your typical peg-legged swashbucklers. They’re a theatre troupe that will be teaching the kids at Sawtooth Elementary all about good nutrition, health and hygiene. It’s called “Pirates of the Carrot Bean” and ISD 166 school nurse Kristen DeArruda Wharton explains, “On Jan. 26, ISD166 will host a UMD graduate student theatre group to do a production of ‘Pirates of the Carrot Bean.’”

Wharton says the production is aimed at elementary students. “It’s musical theatre with dancing and singing. It reinforces ideas about nutrition, hygiene and physical exercise.”

A 4 o’clock open house precedes the 5:30 public performance. There’ll be information on exercise and examples of healthy snacks. At 4:30 in the school cafeteria, the Middle School Student Council hosts a taco fundraiser.

“We’re trying to make this a really fun night with door prizes, food – I’m really looking forward to ‘Pirates of the Carrot Bean,’” Kristen said.

Tuesday, Jan. 26, lots of good information on healthy eating starting at 4 in the afternoon, followed by “Pirates of the Carrot Bean” all at Cook County Schools.

Check out a video of "Pirates of the Carrot Bean" on our website, and learn more about healthy living in Cook County.