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Learn how to make great radio with tips from industry experts.


Editing sound on a computer is similar to cutting and pasting text in word processing software.

learn what you are capable of doing with your editing software before recording your first big project because it will affect how you go about recording.

Audio editing basics for anyone looking to harness the power of Audacity:

Download free editing software (Audacity)


Basic Recording Using Wtip’s Portable Audio Recording Kits:


“After some story research and before starting fieldwork, I encourage students to ask themselves a few questions such as:
• In my wildest storytelling fantasy, how would I like to tell the story I’m producing?
• What will grab listeners by the ears?
• What’s the most narratively compelling way to communicate both the factual and emotional truth of the story? • What might work as the beginning, middle, and end?
• How can I be sure to capture conflict, tension, and other dramatic elements?
By imagining the story in that way, they end up creating a “narrative to-do list.” That list will inform their reporting.” - Rob Rosenthal (Read More)  



“Remember: if they don’t say something the right way the first time, you can go back. People will be stiff. They’ll stumble around. They’ll talk all formal like they think you want them to talk. They’ll say “this individual” instead of “this guy.” They’ll say, “I was concerned, definitely” instead of “I was freaked out, yo.” You don’t have to let them. Get them to tell it again. Rephrase the question. Stop them and say, “I want you to answer that question again, but, this time, use the word sad instead of lachrymose.” - Alex Blumberg (Read More)