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Chuck Petek: 50 years in the barber shop

In May, there was a change of ownership for the building that houses the Gunflint Mercantile, Country Insurance and Chuck's Barber Shop. The building was purchased by Chelsea Pusc of Gunflint Mercantile along with Abby Tofte and Sam Hedstrom who will be opening a new store in the building in the summer of 2018.  

That raised the question -- what will happen to Chuck Petek, the barber? The answer is, it's not entirely clear. The curent tenants have leases so they will be staying until at least February of 2018.  Tenants may stay in a reconfigured space. Or, they may move on. 

WTIP talked to barber Chuck Petek earlier this year, when the sale was still pending and he was celebrating his 50th year as a barber in Grand Marais.  Rhonda Silence finds out more in this interview.