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Celebrating community volunteers: Counting loons for the DNR

Loons on Hungry Jack Lake 2018 - Photo by Dennis Chick
Loons on Hungry Jack Lake 2018 - Photo by Dennis Chick

WTIP’s summer drive is a celebration of volunteers—the people who share their time and talents with WTIP North Shore Radio and other service organizations in our community.
We also want to recognize the many, many other ways that people in our community volunteer to help make life better in the Northland. 
Here’s WTIP’s Rhonda Silence learning more about the volunteers helping the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources with loon monitoring, speaking first with Gaea Crozier, the DNR's Northeast Minnesota nongame wildlife specialist. Gaea oversees the DNR's loon monitoring program. 
Gaea also shares some information about loon populations--give a listen to learn how many loons are normally found per 100 acres of lake.

Rhonda Silence also spoke with a very longtime participant in the DNR loon survey program, Paul Eiler. Paul had a long career with the MN DNR fisheries program, so he is not only knowledgeable about loons, but about the fish in the lake he monitors. The interview contains some interesting phenology surrounding Mark and Turtle lakes in Grand Marais.