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New book explores huge role women played in founding Mayo Clinic

March is Women's History Month. A new book, "Women of Mayo Clinic: The Founding Generation," explores the significant contributions women made to the clinic. Ann Possis spoke with the book's author, Virginia Wright-Peterson, about the story and how she came to tell it. You can learn more about Virginia and her writing here.


Bill Ratner, author of "Parenting for the Digital Age," to speak in Grand Marais Tuesday, March 8

If you’ve ever wondered about the effect of technology and digital media on children, there will be a presentation on the topic by author and voiceover professional Bill Ratner at the Arrowh


Are you sleep-deprived? Good sleep habits from sleep expert Dr. Michael Howell

The CDC just released a study showing that 30% of Americans are sleep-deprived. So we wanted to does this affect a person's body and emotional state? And how can we get better sleep? Dave chatted with Dr. Michael Howell, professor of neurology at the U of MN, and a leading sleep expert. 


Ideas for coping with cabin fever

Cabin fever is real! And it sets in about this time of year...boredom, irritability, moodiness...need we go on? Marcia Hyatt, leadership and life coach, chatted with Dick during our "Cabin Fever" membership drive about a few strategies to deal with this malady. You can learn more about Marcia and her work here.


What really happens to your heart when you're in love? Cardiologist explains

We all know the feeling of your heart skipping a beat when you fall in love, or being heartbroken...but what really happens to your heart when you're in love? To find out, Ann Possis chatted with Dr. Peter Crawford, director of the Cardiovascular Metabolism Program at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute in Florida. The good news? Actually dying of a broken heart is very, very rare.


Reduce your stress by practicing mindfulness--expert & teacher explains

Mindfulness has been linked to reduced stress and improved mental clarity, creativity and productivity. Alex Haley, who teaches mindfulness at the Center for Spirituality & Healing at the U of MN, spoke with Dave Dec. 11 about how and why mindfulness works to calm and make us more focused.  


Don't walk under that ladder! Psychologist explains why we're superstitious

On Friday the 13th, we got to thinking about superstitions. Dr. Donald Saucier, a psychology professor at Kansas State University, chatted with Dave about how superstitions work and why people, even psychology professors, have them. 


Strategies for "helping your child with extreme picky eating" on October 5&6

If you’ve ever wondered why some kids are picky eaters – and how to get them to eat better – there’s a presentation being offered at Sawtooth Mountain Clinic norththat can help


Gratitude practice may help recovering alcoholics stay sober

Dr Amy Krentzman of the U of MN School of Social Work and the Center for Spirituality and Healing has been studying the practice of gratitude in addiction treatment and recovery. She talked with Buck Aug. 14 about what she's found in her research on how a gratitude practice supports the process of recovery...which can be as simple as finding three things to be thankful for each day.


Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center

Minnesota has developed a new system for the reporting the abuse of vulnerable adults.