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Scott Oeth - Photo via Facebook

Money Matters - Scott Oeth - March 2020

Money Matters” with Scott Oeth is a new monthly feature on WTIP's North Shore Morning and is intended to help us understand more about managing our finances.


Discover the world below when you fly, with new mobile app

Shane Loeffler is a grad student in the Earth Science department at the U of MN, as well as a Finland, Minn. native. He recently came up with a mobile phone app called Flyover Country, that tells you about the world below you along the path of your flight. Shane chatted with Dave about Flyover Country, what it does, and how it works. You can learn more wherever you get apps for your phone.


All about offshore wind projects on the Great Lakes

Offshore wind projects on the Great Lakes have been discussed for years, and the first one will likely happen soon, on Lake Erie. Andy Balaskovitz, a freelance reporter in Michigan, joined Dave to chat about the pros, cons and challenges of offshore wind. You can read Andy's full article about it here


Candace LaCosse, artist and North House instructor, talks about Fashion Revolution Week

Candace LaCosse, a Duluth businessperson, artist, and teacher, is involved in the Fashion Revolution--a nonprofit organization that promotes producing and consuming clothes in a safe, clean and fair way. She joined CJ to talk about Fashion Revolution Week and about her own work as a creator of handmade leather goods.


Turkish carpet merchant visits Grand Marais

Carpet dealer Cemal Uzun is touring the U.S. with his carpet selection because a downturn in Turkish tourism has hit the business he works for, Anatolian Carpets, hard. He was here in Grand Marais along with local resident Ann Marie Mershon, who spent years living in Turkey and has written several books about her experiences. They chatted with Dave the day before the big carpet show at the Cook County Community Center.

interior of Super North Outdoor Center, photo by Jay Arrowsmith Decoux

Superior North Outdoor Center to become Fireweed Bike Co-Op

After 30 successful years, Superior North Outdoor Center owners Mark and Melinda Spinler are selling the local bike shop to Grand Marais mayor Jay Arrowsmith Decoux, who plans to turn it into a member


U of MN researchers develop new technology to make car tires from trees & grasses

A team at the U of MN has invented a new technology to produce renewable  car tires from trees and grasses. Lead researcher Prof. Paul Dauenhauer joined CJ to explain how it works and why it's an important breakthrough. 


Outpost Motel under new ownership

The Outpost Motel east of Grand Marais was owned by Jim and Jennifer Plahuta for over 25 years. In January, Holly Johnson and Todd Zins became the new owners.


New 'Deep Winter Greenhouse' in Finland enables food production all winter long

The first "Deep Winter Greenhouse" is done and ready to go in Finland, at the Organic Consumers Association. It's a project of the NE MN Regional Sustainable Development program, which has several more planned for other areas in the state. Two of the leaders of the project, Dan Handeen and Greg Schweser, chatted with Dave about the greenhouse, what it's meant to do, and the special features of its construction. Local carpenters Gordon Thorne and Hans Mueller built the greenhouse.


Passive building techniques: What they are and why they matter

The Cook County Local Energy Project & Cook County Extension will offer a workshop on best energy construction practices Thursday, Feb. 9, in Grand Marais. Sean Meyers is an architect with CR-BPS, a firm located in Isabella that specializes in passive building techniques, and he'll be in town to present at the workshop. He spoke with Dave about passive building, energy conservation, and more. You can contact Cook County Extension at 387-3015 to register.