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Vikings baseball coach optimistic on 2016 season

 The Cook County Vikings baseball team is getting ready to start the season.


Financial expert talks long-term strategies with ISD 166

Steve Pumper, who is a financial advisor to ISD 166 and vice president of PMA Financial Network based in Albertville, Minnesota, spoke with WTIP's Joe Friedrichs following a school board meeting T


GES to collaborate on reading program with other schools

The enrollment window at Great Expectations is closing, the calendar has been shortened slightly but all the county’s elementary programs are collaborating on reading.


Meet new ISD 166 Superintendent Bill Crandall

The Cook County School District announced recently it will share a superintendent with another North Shore school district next year.


School to share superintendent position

ISD166 has contracted with Lake Superior School District to share their superintendent.

Norman Moe (left) and Dick Dorr. Photo by Michael McHugh

Local sportscasters bring it all home for listeners

Local sportscasters Norman Moe and Dick Dorr are the voices behind Cook County athletics.


School News from Birch Grove: March 3

Sophia and Silas report the latest School News.


UMD offers new journalism degree

The University of Minnesota Duluth will begin offering a new journalism degree starting next fall.


School News from Oshki Ogimaag: March 1

Matty reports the latest School News.


GES and ISD166 cooperate on sports and arts

Great Expectations School students also participate in many of the arts and athletic programs at Cook County Schools, ISD166. WTIP’s Jay Andersen spoke with administrator Peter James.