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Commissioners set preliminary levy and sales tax increase

The County Commissioners are locked in the hard work of budgeting.


Wiinanen retires, Marasco takes over at Emergency Management

There’s a changing of the guard at the county’s Emergency Management director’s office.


WTIP Opioid program elicits tip, leads to arrest

As a result of WTIP’s recent Third Thursday program on opioid abuse, a tip was received and an arrest was made of someone importing fentanyl into the county.


County Board prepares for vote on sales-tax increase

During a 90-minute afternoon session of their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Sept.


Affordable housing discussed by county board

The local Economic Development Authority obtained five county owned tax forfeit lots in the city of Grand Marais that will be the site of affordable housing projects.


Commissioners struggle with high levy numbers

The county commissioners are grappling with high levy figures and how to make a half-percent sales tax increase for transportation.  WTIP’s Jay Andersen spoke with the board’s chair H


Commissioners continue to discuss sales-tax increase

Though no action was taken by the Board of Commissioners regarding a proposed sales tax increase in Cook County to be used for projects by the highway department, the topic was again discussed during

An old, tattered building contains some of the highway department's materials. Photo by Joe Friedrichs

Highway engineer talks sales tax, facilities and road projects

The Cook County Highway Department and the County Board continue to discuss the possibility of a sales-tax increase that would generate funds for the highway department.


Budget talks begin and a transportation sales tax nears board action

The county board begins budget talks, which will last through year’s end. Also, the board will act soon on a proposed half-percent sales tax for county transportation needs.


County continues to discuss sales-tax increase to benefit highway department

The Cook County Board of Commissioners continue to discuss implementing a half-cent sales tax increase that would generate funds for the local highway department.