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Severe Weather Awareness Week starts next week

Severe Weather Awareness Week is coming up mid-month and the annual Emergency Services Conference rounds out April.

Pike Lake Road. Photo by Joe Friedrichs

Pike Lake Road raises number of questions concerning local roadways

Pike Lake Road is frequently prone to potholes and frost boils as the seasons come and go. But many local residents who frequent the gravel road are claiming it is in very bad shape this year.


Conceal/carry permit fees is topic at board meeting

The county board is taking some extra time to consider a request from Sheriff Pat Eliasen to raise conceal/carry permit fees.


Sheriff warns on latest scams

They come by phone, in the mail or through email. It seems like someone’s always trying to bilk money out of us.


Grand Marais is the smallest city with a "Y"

Septics, the Susies and the smallest YMCA town by far. WTIP’s Jay Andersen spoke with Commissioner Garry Gamble about the most recent county board meeting.


School-Community Action Team works to help keep kids safe

National Child Abuse Prevention Month is coming up in April. There is a School-Community Action Team that deals directly with the safety and wellbeing of young people in our community.


Funding the 'bridges' between Cook County and state Capitol

There are more than a dozen bridges in Cook County listed as needing repair in 2016. WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs has this story on our local bridges. 


The role of Cook County Search & Rescue

The Cook County Search and Rescue team is a valuable asset to local law enforcement and for the safety of those who could encounter dangerous situations while traveling through the remote areas along


After Action Report discussed by emergency management teams

This past fall’s cross border emergency response training has been analyzed by FEMA and participants.


Commissioners discuss county land development outside the city

The County Board met Tuesday and the discussion, not surprisingly, turned to the Dollar General store issue. WTIP’s Jay Andersen spoke with Commissioner Gary Gamble.