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Commissioner talks about special elections and pending financial decisions

Through all the levy juggling at the end of the year, the county board has not so much made budget cuts as moved the process down the road.


Sheriff reflects on snowmobile fatality

A tragic snowmobile accident happened over New Year’s. Sheriff Pat Eliasen had a personal connection with the victim.


Sheriff talks about New Years and walking safely at night

Law enforcement is looking forward to a safe and sober New Years.


County Board re-sets the levy to 11.21 percent increase

At the end of a marathon session, the Cook County Board settled on a levy increase of 11.21 percent.


Commissioner Frank Moe resigns from county board

Following a grueling meeting focused on the 2017 budget, and shortly after the levy was set at 11.21 percent, Cook County Commissioner Frank Moe abruptly resigned from the county board.


WTIP hosts program on proposed county levy

On December 1st the Commissioner’s Room in the Cook County Courthouse exploded with angry taxpayers attending the Truth in Taxation public meeting.


With lower levy, county may need to cut non-mandated programs

The Cook County Commissioners this week substantially reduced the proposed levy increase they’d been considering for many weeks.


State declares health and human services worker day

Cook County, along with communities across the State, will be recognizing County, Tribal, and State Health and Human Services Worker Day in Minnesota on Wednesday, December 14, following a proclamatio

Cook County Board of Commissioners. Photo by Joe Friedrichs

County board decreases proposed levy

In a move County Administrator Jeff Cadwell said will make the budgeting process very challenging, the Cook County Board of Commissioners voted on Tuesday, Dec.


Sheriff discusses the drug investigation process in Cook County

How does the county handle drug investigations and what are the common drugs we encounter here?