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Cook County Board of Commissioners. Photo by Joe Friedrichs

County Board reverses course on review committee regarding county adminstrator

One week after it voted in favor of forming an advisory committee to review comments made by and the conduct of the county administrator, the Board of Cook County Commissioners voted Tuesday, Nov.


Commissioner Gamble talks about role of new review committee

The County Board has formed a review committee to look into statements from the County Administrator with respect to a recent grievance on behalf of an employee.


Special committee forms to review administrator's comments regarding county staff

A special committee was formed during a meeting of the Cook County Commissioners on Tuesday, Nov.


Strategic planning to be centerpiece of county long view

Strategic planning will give county commissioners and staff alike a sense of what Cook County will look like several years out. WTIP’s Jay Andersen spoke with County Administrator Jeff Cadwell.


County staff expresses level of distrust toward county administrator

During a meeting of the Cook County Commissioners on Tuesday, Nov.


Commissioner Gamble reflects on leadership and tough budget choices in a final interview

Tension with the county employee union and difficult budget decisions concerning Human Services and the EDA. WTIP’s Jay Andersen spoke with County Commissioner Garry Gamble.


EDA and County Board discuss budget priorities

The Joint Economic Development Authority met this week to discuss their role in the Tofte housing project as well as budget negotiations with the County Board.


Sheriff discusses search effort on Pine Lake

Several search and rescue units combed the Pine Lake area off the end of the Arrowhead Trail for a missing angler.


Sheriff has tips for driving around deer and trick or treaters

Deer are out and about, including on the roads and kids will be out and about for Halloween. WTIP’s Jay Andersen spoke with Cook County Sheriff Pat Eliasen.


Auditor explains levy impacts on taxes

The county budget, two proposed school issues and more will all affect the total levy impact. WTIP’s Jay Andersen spoke with Braidy Powers about budgets, taxes and levies.