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Lake Superior Project

Cache Bay Ranger Janice Matichuk talks with a Quetico paddler. All photos by Joe Friedrichs

LSProject: Quetico ranger station wraps up another season

Quetico Provincial Park is situated just across the border from Minnesota in the dense forests of Ontario.

Lake Superior Project

LSProject: Researchers focus on early life of herring to preserve historic fishery

When Lake Superior comes up in casual conversation, it’s easy to think big. After all, in terms of surface area, Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world.

The Lake Superior Project/Logo by Lauryl Loberg

LSProject: What happened to Finland's John Pine?

In 1960, homesteader John Pine left his cabin near Finland, Minnesota, and never returned. The mystery of his disappearance was never solved. 

Lake Superior Project

LSProject: Grand Portage and wolves on Isle Royale

The federal government announced in March that Isle Royale's decimated wolf population will get an infusion of new wolves over the next three years in an attempt to control the abundance of moose

The Lake Superior Project/Logo by Lauryl Loberg

LSProject: How a 3-year-old boy found an ancient artifact on a Grand Marais beach

In late October of 2010, much of North America experienced a huge storm complex, known as an extratropical cyclone. Minnesota experienced the lowest barometric pressures ever recorded.

The Lake Superior Project/Logo by Lauryl Loberg

LSProject: The story of "the Pond" in downtown Grand Marais

Most local residents know that an area of downtown Grand Marais has a periodic flooding problem. But what may not be well known is the history of that area.

Lake Superior Project

LSProject: Crystal Bay - How a failed mine may have preserved the North Shore

Crystal Bay is a unique location featuring cliffs, a gravel beach, caves and a creek. It's located near Finland, Minnesota, along the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Lake Superior Project

LSProject: Analyzing the size of Lake Superior

Lake Superior is outrageously huge. That’s understood.

Phil Larson explains a restoration project near the Poplar River while Ilena Hansel looks on. All photos by Joe Friedrichs

LSProject: Poplar River flows with good news for Lake Superior

If ever there was an example of landowners and government agencies taking a negative situation and turning into a positive, a decades-long effort to restore the health of the Poplar River that flows i