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Confidence - July 18, 2015

Confidence is there already, what most of us need to learn is how to stop undermining it.


Decision Making

We have have a strong intuition that serves us well.  However, we hardly ever catch our own biases.


Influence - January 24, 2015

Great leadership has both warmth and strength.  To influence, start with the warmth.


Re-framing How We Think About Stress - July 12, 2014

It turns out the stress is not so bad for you as long as you dont think it is bad for you.  New research on stress shakes up our old ideas that stress is always bad.


Asking Questions - June 28, 2014

Edgar Schein is an acclaimed writer and MIT professor. His most recent book is entitled Humble Inquiry.  How do we move from telling to asking questions - a key skill in fast moving times.


Humility - May 24, 2014

Humility is a virtue of the wise. It provides perpective and an openness to learn.


Dealing with What Shows Up - April 19, 2014

Finding the wisdom to deal with what shows up and letting go of how it is supposed to be.


Don't Show Off - February 22, 2014

How we do get comfortable "letting our light shine"?  What keeps us playing small?


Truly Listening - November 16, 2013

What does it take to listen well?  To others? To ourselves?


Influencing Others - October 12, 2013

According to Daniel Pink, in his new book, To Sell is Human, the average worker spends 40% of their working life influencing.  That would be influencing people to take our project, to give