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Boundary Waters Podcast--Episode 23

The canoeing season is officially over for 2019 in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. For some, a new chapter is welcomed with open arms as winter travel begins and the lakes freeze up.

In this episode, hosts Matthew Baxley and Joe Friedrichs take you along for their final canoe trip of the season. The duo retrace their route featured in episode two of the WTIP Boundary Waters Podcast. That journey took them across the ice to Winchell Lake. This time, a canoe serves as the transport vessel and a return to Winchell is the trip's primary objective. Rain, snow, storytelling and a visit from a unique character make their expedition one to remember.

Also featured in episode 23, Podcaster Chelsea Lloyd talks with Grand Marais resident Kjersa Anderson about her experience paddling in the Boundary Waters. Chelsea and Kjersa share some of their personal stories from the wilderness, including how experiences in the Boundary Waters provides confidence throughout many aspects of their lives.