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Anishinaabe Way: The Inherent Right of Sovereignty, Part 4

The Inherent Right of Sovereignty Part IV examines the sometimes complicated relationship that area tribes have with regard to environmental regulation and jurisdiction over water quality issues in our region. We hear from former Fond du Lac Chairwoman Karen Diver about the unique responsibility that tribes have as sovereign nations to protect their surroundings and Grand Portage Chair Norman Deschampe who explains federal jurisdiction over water quality on the reservation. We also talk with Red Cliff Tribal Chair Bryan Bainbridge, who candidly shares the struggles that he and Red Cliff are experiencing over 1,400 barrels of waste material that were dumped into Lake Superior between
1959-1962 and their effort to uncover what is actually in the barrels and who is responsible for cleaning them up.

(Photo of Bryan Bainbridge courtesy of the Red Cliff Reservation)