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The 1999 Blowdown Storm: Looking Back After 20 Years

The 1999 Blowdown Storm: Looking Back After 20 Years

During the early-morning hours of July 4, 1999, a series of thunderstorms formed over North and South Dakota. As the day progressed, the storms grew in strength. Some of the storms formed into a bow echo and began moving across Minnesota with damaging winds.

The “Boundary Waters Blowdown” would last for over 22 hours, travel more than 1,300 miles at an average of almost 60 mph, resulting in widespread devastation in both Canada and the United States. Including an estimated 25 million trees that were lost during the storm.

WTIP is looking back on the 1999 Blowdown through a series of commemorative features and interviews with those who experienced the storm firsthand.

Listen to the first segment here:  1999 Blowdown Storm: Looking Back After 20 Years
Listen to the second segment here: The Four Corners of the Storm

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Support for this series comes from the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund. Photo courtesy of Jim Cordes.