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Pete Kavanaugh brings new music to The Roadhouse

Local guitarist and songwriter Pete Kavanaugh stopped by Studio A May 29 with new material and great stories. You can learn more about Pete's music and performance schedule here.

Vintage plastic case radio

Pavek Museum of Broadcasting is under-the-radar gem

The Pavek Museum of Broadcasting focuses on the history of radio and TV broadcasting, especially in Minnesota. Steve Raymer, managing director of the museum since its founding in 1988, joined Buck May 29 to talk about how the museum got started, what they collect, and their educational programs as well. Did you know that in the early 1900s, the radio station on the U of MN campus broadcasted football in Morse code? 


Chris Gillis, Gordon Thorne & Randy Sabien live in Studio A

Memorial Day weekend offered several opportunities to hear Chris Gillis (keyboard), Gordon Thorne (guitar) and Randy Sabien (fiddle) play around Cook County. They stopped by The Roadhouse Friday night for a preview with chat, laugh, and great, happy music. 


New Cook County Historical Society exhibit features musical history of the area

Chris Gillis stopped by The Roadhouse May 22 to talk about a new museum exhibit, "Music From the Tip o' The Arrowhead," that just opened at the Cook County Historical Society. It covers everything from town hall polkas to jazz bands to church chorales.

Briand Morrison

Briand Morrison presents "Musical Impressions: The Art of George Morrison"

Local jazz guitarist Briand Morrison has just completed a new project that combines original music with a slideshow of the artwork of his father, George Morrison.


Chel Anderson writes comprehensive environmental history of the North Shore

Chel Anderson is a botanist and plant ecologist who has lived and worked on the North Shore since 1974; you might know her as the North Woods Naturalist on WTIP. She's just written, with Heidi Fischer, an amazing comprehensive environmental history of the North Shore. It's titled "North Shore: A Natural History of Minnesota's Superior Coast." She spoke with Ann Possis May 22 about deciding to write the book, the processes and time involved, and what they hope to convey about this remarkable place in our world. You can learn more about the book here.

Artist Open House: Tom Christiansen, Josh Rice & Puzzle Tree

Metal sculptor Tom Christiansen and assistant Josh Rice are building a new installation for the Grand Marais Library through funding by the Minnesota state Legacy fund.


Twin Cities band Ginstrings brings great bluegrass to Studio A

Dick & Buck welcomed Ginstrings to The Roadhouse May 15 for fast-paced music with wonderful harmony. Ginstrings are: Matt Blake, bass; Gavin Haskin, mandolin; Eli Bentley, dobro; Jon Miller, guitar. Learn more at or

Stage Door: Sandy Stover

‘Stage Door’ takes us behind the scenes at the Grand Marais Playhouse. It’s a chance to meet the artists...and parents of the artists...involved in our local theater.