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National Geographic "Adventurer of the Year" Andrew Skurka on The Roadhouse

Andrew Skurka, adventurer and athlete, chatted with Buck April 29 about exploration and travel, including his recent 4,700-mile, 6-month Alaska-Yukon expedition. He's the featured speaker at the Superior Hiking Trail Association meeting Saturday, May 7 at Wolf Ridge in Finland.

Knife River, Minnesota

Points North: On The North Shore, A Ripple Of Discontent Begins

The next best thing to spending a fine April afternoon fishing a trout stream is to go for a walk beside one.

Crocus in the Snow

West End News April 28

This is the time of year when most of Cook County takes a deep breath and enjoys the lull between the busy winter season and the even busier summer season.


West End News April 21

I saw my first chipmunk of the season this week. It was standing up, in that cute chipmunk way, right in the middle of the Sawbill Trail.

Waiting for Spring

Gunflint Notebook: Waiting

We spend much of our lives waiting: waiting to be born, waiting to get our driver's licenses in high school, waiting to register for college, and so on.


Points North: Seeking Answers To Moose Decline—Before It’s Too Late

Gonzo journalism is when the journalist becomes a participant in the story. I'm not sure it applies to clipping samples of moose browse along the Gunflint Trail. Researcher Dr.

Environmental Protest

Points North: Whatever Happened To Activism?

In a time when politicians seem to view the natural world with attitudes ranging from indifference to abhorrence, in separate conversations I recently asked three prominent environmentalists the same

Snowshoe Hare

Wildersmith April 22

“Old Man Winter” roared back into the north woods this past weekend. In simple terms, it was “Just a moment, my wilderness friends and little Miss Spring.

Crack in the Ice by Bryan Hansel

Wildersmith April 15

It’s looking like spring, feeling like spring and smelling like spring. I think “Mother Nature” has declared it spring in our northern forest.

MN DNR volunteers conducting a survey of dwarf trout lilies

Points North: Somewhere, We’ve Lost It

A recent interview with DNR commissioner Tom Landwehr in Minnesota Outdoor News ended on a less than inspiring note.