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Mike West

Points North: Canoe Country Trapper Traveled by Dog Team

About a year ago, veteran dog musher Tim White of Colvill graciously shared an interview he conducted with the late fur trapper Mike West, a patriarch of Minnesota mushing, which was published in Wint

Winter Moon_Photo by Suzanne Gougherty.jpg

Wildersmith, December 9

As our northland Christmas season progresses, “all is calm and all is bright.”

Seeing snow-covered trees is "kind of like meeting up with some old friends that have been long obscured on a summer vacation"

Wildersmith December 2

After a Thanksgiving run to Iowa for a family visit, the Smiths are back in the woods. One thing for which I continue to be thankful is that “wonder dog” from over on Hungry Jack Lake.

The Hunter

Points North: Is It a Deer Hunt or a Horse Race?

This year, it was hard to tell if Minnesota was holding a firearm deer season or a horse race.

Moose calf

Moose/wolf expert Dr. Rolf Peterson visits Studio A

Buck spoke Nov. 25 with Dr. Rolf Peterson, a biologist who has been conducting research on moose and wolves on Isle Royale for many years. He was in town to teach and speak at North House Folk School's Winterer's Gathering.


Explorer Lonnie Dupre plans second attempt to summit Denali in January

Buck chatted with Lonnie Dupre Nov. 18 about his upcoming attempt to summit Denali and about his soon-to-be-published memoir, "Life on Ice."

Fir Boughs

Wildersmith November 18

Quiet is the catchword in border country as we pass the halfway point of month 11.

Packaged Meat by Kate Watson, courtesy of North House Folk School

Points North: Locavore Students Cut Up During Class

The day began as a real drag. The previous afternoon, I’d killed a whitetail doe a long way from the truck. Too far, it turned out, to make it out with the deer before dark.

Governor Dayton talks about invasive species prevention at the Department of Natural Resources with Comm. Tom Landwehr

Points North: DNR Forestry Changes Ripple the Pond

The recent announcement that Dave Epperly will no longer serve as director of the Minnesota DNR’s forestry division is discussed in the current issue of the Timber Bulletin, the bimonthly magaz

Gunflint residents foster friendships with neighborhood foxes this week

Wildersmith November 11

The season that north country folk anticipate at this time of year continues AWOE (absent without explanation).