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"Although it was not really bone chilling, like often has been recorded (40-50 below), serious ice-making cold set in this week"

Wildersmith January 27

With our northwoods January fading fast, the month got a little brittle last week. Typically, the third stanza of month one is the coldest of the season and it was no exception so far this year.

Forest (Travis Novitsky)

Points North: Come on up, the winter is fine

On a recent morning I stepped out with the dogs at daybreak. Beneath a clear dawn sky, the air was crisp and calm. When we came inside 20 minutes later, I thought it was pretty nice outside.

Hoary Redpoll

Wildersmith January 20

Winter in the north woods, mellow as it has been, is already a month old and whizzing by fast.

To permit the common man to derive enjoyment, if not sustenance, from a public resource, we limit angling to catch and release"

Points North: New Hunter-Gatherers Need to Know the Conservation Story

Recently, a chef who wrote a book about hunting and cooking was interviewed on Minnesota Public Radio. She talked about making a recent trip to Colorado to do a cooking demonstration.

The Lake Superior Project / logo by Lauryl Loberg

LSProject: The Blue Desert

Invasive species are one of the biggest issues facing Lake Superior. The most important invasive species to the lake to date is the sea lamprey. It changed everything.

Antares in the bright yellow object in the center to left bottom corner

Northern Sky: Capella, Antares & the Latest from NASA

Deane Morrison is a science writer at the University of Minnesota. She authors the Minnesota Starwatch column, and in this segment, color is the theme.

This "atypical weather nonsense" is playing havoc with thickening ice on the big lakes in Gunflint Territory

Wildersmith Jan. 13

Winter on a yo-yo, yes! Another northwoods meltdown slipped in on the territory just when we thought “Mr. Cold and Blustery” had things under control.

Tom Melius talks with MN DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr

Points North: DNR Roundtable Checks the Pulse of Outdoor Issues

For more than 20 years, the Minnesota DNR has kicked off the New Year by hosting a Roundtable for groups and individuals interested in fishing, hunting and conservation.


Points North: Wolf Hunting Makes An End Run Around Public Discourse

Last July, Minnesota's state government shut down when the Governor and Legislature couldn't agree on how to balance the budget. Our duly elected met in St.