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Fire from the air. Photo: Dennis Neitzke

Dr. Gerald Niemi of NRRI on fire's effect on birds and animals

Buck spoke Sept. 30 with Dr. Gerald Niemi of the Natural Resources Research Institute in Duluth about what happens to birds and animals during and after a large fire like the Pagami Creek fire.

Dagwagin (fall) has officially arrived in Gunflint territory!

Wildersmith September 30

It’s official now, Dagwagin (fall) in the north woods. After weeks of anticipation, the glorious season of color is what it is!

Mallard Hen

Points North: Conservation or Convenience?

Are you going duck hunting this weekend? The Sept. 27 opening date, a week earlier than the traditional first Saturday in October, is intended to give hunters more opportunities to kill ducks.

September has arrived, and so have cooler temperatures! Wildersmith hit a low of 22 degrees this month.

Wildersmith September 23

Truly, east is east and west is west as old Sol kisses summer goodbye. “Fire & Ice” over the past week has been a prelude to our northland equinox.


Forest disturbance expert Lee Frelich discusses effect of fire on the boreal forest

Ann Possis spoke Sept. 16 with Lee Frelich, director of the Center for Forest Ecology at the U of MN, about likely effects of the Pagami Creek Fire on the BWCAW forest.

The "beehive" star cluster - Mars is the bright object in the top right corner

Northern Sky: Mars, Beehive Cluster & Full Moon Legends

Deane Morrison is a science writer at the University of Minnesota. She writes the monthly Minnesota Starwatch column.


Meet Ann Raiho & Natalie Warren, first women to paddle from Minneapolis to Hudson Bay

Ann Possis and Matthew Brown welcomed Ann Raiho and Natalie Warren of the Hudson Bay Bound Expedition to the studio Sept. 9. They just became the first women to paddle from Minneapolis to Hudson Bay, re-creating the journey made by Eric Sevareid and Walter Port, and documented in the classic book "Canoeing with the Cree."

Campfire /Photo by Greg Seitz

Pagami Creek Fire Update BWCAW Campfire Restrictions in effect

The Pagami Creek fire continued to move south and east in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness on Sunday.

"On either side of the mountains, Montana is a good place to be."

Points North: In Montana, a Fishing Reunion with an Old Friend

On a recent trip to the northern Rockies, Vikki and I made an overnight stop in Helena, Montana, to visit our friend Tom Dickson and his partner in life, Lisa, who moved there from the Twin Cities nea