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Radio tower

Commissioners say "no" to taller towers

Radio towers were once again on the agenda for the Cook County Commissioners at their Tuesday morning meeting.

Biomass District Heating Plan Update

The proposed Biomass District Heat Plan could change how heat is provided for a portion of Grand Marais.

Superintendent Beth Schwarz

ISD166 continues to explore school calendar changes

Student support services include counseling on a number of different levels.

Kimber Wraalstad

Changes at Medicare could affect hospital

Medicare is changing some of the rules of the game at hospitals.

Sen. Tom Bakk

Sen. Tom Bakk talks about commissioner pay raises and Governor Dayton

Pay raises, the lottery, minimum wage and more politics.  WTIPs Jay Andersen spoke with Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk about tension with the governor, wages and tips and the ethics of gambling

Sheriff Pat Eliasen

Felony arrests are up in county

Busy month for law enforcement, felony arrests in particular.  WTIPs Jay Andersen spoke with Cook County Sheriff Pat Eliasen about this as well as 911 information and increased snowmobile traffic

Recording For Radio Workshop

Recording For Radio Workshops

WTIP invites community members to participate in a new project designed to bring a wider range of voices to the air. Par

Listening to the radio

Weekend News Roundup for February 21

Each week the WTIP news department puts together a roundup of the weeks top    news stories. Wolves are back under protected status in the Great Lakes.

Cook County Invasive Species Team welcomes new coordinator

Cook County and Lake County Invasive Teams work to prevent invasive species within the counties, and Laurel Wilson is the new Cook County Team coordinator. WTIP volunteer Mark Abrahamson spoke wi

Birth Partners hosts "doula" informational meeting February 19

Birth Partners is a new community partnership forming around the needs of growing families.  WTIP volunteer Tracy Benson spoke with Erin Huggins on North Shore Morning.