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Local News

Grey autumn sky

Warmer but grayer weather coming

A bit warmer than average for this time of year, but with that comes some dreary, gray days. WTIP’s Jay Andersen spoke with National Weather Service Meteorologist Kevin Huyck

Forest road

Conservation officer carries special message to hunter near Gunflint Trail

This fall local DNR Conservation Officer Darin Fagerman had an interesting encounter with a bear hunter in the Gunflint Trail region.

Rita Plourde

Clinic to launch workplace wellness project

Federal monitors spent time at the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic and there’s a new workplace wellness project that is launching next month.

Seagull Lake

DNR seeks comments on Grand Marais area lake and stream management plans

People interested in DNR strategies for managing Grand Marais area lakes and streams are encouraged to review current management plans and submit comments for the plans scheduled for review this winte

Canoeing in the BWCA Wilderness in November

Emergency responders discuss search and rescue false alarms

After a recent false alarm in our region from an emergency-locator beacon, WTIP's Rhonda Silence took the time to learn more about this technology. 

Late fall

Cool and dry fall weather ahead

Cool and for the most part dry fall weather awaits us for the week. WTIP’s Jay Andersen spoke with National Weather Service Meteorologist Kevin Huyck.

Fall colors along a stream

Late-fall camping a risk-reward situation in North Shore region

The key to a successful, or perhaps enjoyable late-fall camping trip is preparation. WTIP's Joe Friedrichs explains. 

Vintage live radio broadcast

Weekend News Roundup for October 22

Each week the WTIP news staff compiles a review of news from the previous five days. Arrests for wrong turns at the border. What to do with Birch Grove. Local Bands join moose hunt.

Cory, Rachelle, Bo (and Sophia, not pictured) Christianson are the new owners of the lodge

New owners prepare to reopen lodge on Devil Track Lake

There are new owners of a lodge and restaurant on Devil Track Lake. WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs spoke with the new owners. 

Mike Stewart

Fall weather slowly moves in

The weather will feel a lot like fall this weekend. WTIP’s Jay Andersen spoke with National Weather Service Meteorologist Mike Stewart about chilly lows and highs in the upper 40’s.