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Hunger In Cook County

WTIP’s May, 2009 First Thursday Community Conversations Program tackled the issue of hunger in Cook County and what resources are available to assist individuals and families.


Better Together -- The Great Community Book Read

“Better Together -- The Great Community Book Read," is a  program is built around the shared experiences of people reading and talking about the same book. On March 12, 2009, WTIP brought four community leaders into the studio to discuss their community book read experience.


Sacrifice and Stimulus - Budget Winners and Losers in Cook County

On March 5, 2009, WTIP’s First Thursday Community Conversation Program discussed the impact of budget cuts on local government programs and whether or not stimulus money will help soften the impact.


Building Grassroots Organizations in Cook County

On Thursday, Feb. 5, 2009, WTIP’s First Thursday Community Conversations program highlighted the building of grassroots organizations in Cook County.


Cook County Social Capital Survey

In January, 2009, WTIP’s First Thursday Community Conversation featured Barbara Radke, University of Minnesota Extension educator who put together the Cook County Social Capital survey. She was joined by volunteer committee member Judie Johnson, Cook County Extension Director Diane Booth and Commissioner Jim Johnson.


Putting a Local Face on the Global Economic Crisis

"Putting a Local Face on the Global Economic Crisis" was the topic for WTIP's "First Thursday Community Conversation" on December 4th, 2008.


From a Good Life to a Good Death

On Thursday, November 6, 2008, WTIP’s First Thursday Community Conversation presented “From a Good Life to a Good Death” – the hospice idea and what it means in Cook County. The WTIP news department assembled a knowledgeable panel to help listeners better understand end-of-life issues and the alternatives available locally.


Wednesday Night Jazz

on WTIP Wednesday 8-10pm.

Magnetic North Nov. 12, 2009: Good Karma/Bad Karma

Fall. Apples. Hunting. And things that go “bump!” in the night. All combined at our little farm this past month. For good and for not so good.

Photo by Carah Thomas-Maskell

Sounds of the Spirit

on WTIP Sunday 9-11pm.
Spiritual Music
Check out Saturday Night Mix, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Saturdays on WTIP (Aurelien Guichard/Flickr)

Saturday Night Mix

on WTIP Saturday 7-10pm.
Music, Variety
WTIP hosts enjoy playing a wide variety of music.
First and Third Thursday Conversations air at 7 p.m. on Thursdays (killerturnip/Flickr)

Community Conversations

on WTIP 1st and 3rd Thursday 7-8pm.
Celtic Connections host Bryan Kelso Crow

Celtic Connections

on WTIP Sunday 6-7am and Thursday 10-11pm.
Celtic Music
Check out PRI's "Living on Earth" Wednesdays at 7 p.m. on WTIP (Beth Scupham/Flickr)

Living on Earth

on WTIP Wednesday 7-8pm.
Environmental News

Living on Earth with Steve Curwood is the weekly environmental news and information program distributed by Public Radio International.

Catch Voices From the Circle Sundays at 7 a.m. (Stephan Hoglund)

Voices From the Circle

on WTIP Sunday 7-8am.

Join Host Jim DeNomie (Bad River Chippewa), Barbara Jersey (Menominee/Potawatomi) & Shadow (The Radio Dog) for traditional & contemporary Native American music, storytelling,  a

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