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Cook County Schools

School News from Cook County Middle School, May 17

The Cook County Middle School Community Service Project Day is May 17. In this edition of School News, instructor Sue Nelson tells us more about it.

Plastic pollution on the Great Lakes

A recent study conducted out of the University of Wisconsin-Superior has shown that plastic particles are accumulating on the Great Lakes.

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A recent study conducted out of the University of Wisconsin-Superior has shown that plastic particles are accumulating on the Great Lakes. Listen to LSProject: The Great Waste to learn more about what's happening around this issue.

Plastics in the Great Lakes

Learn more about plastics in the Great Lakes by watching this video, courtesy of Detroit Public TV on YouTube.

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Wildersmith May 17

Our second week of month five found that stubborn Old Man of the North slipping some but still unwilling to relinquish full command of his extended reign over the upper Gunflint atmosphere.

Birch Grove

School News from Birch Grove: Thursday, May 16

In this edition of School News, Gavin and Julia report on the latest learning at Birch Grove Community School in Tofte.

Cook County courthouse

Grand Portage man charged with attempted murder

A 21 year old Grand Portage man has appeared in Cook County on a charge of attempted murder in the first degree. The arraignment of Steven Warren Robert Anishnabie was scheduled for 10 a.m.

Sally Nankivell

CCVB Director to accept human rights advocacy position

The Executive Director of Cook County Visitors Bureau is leaving mid-June.

The Lake Superior Project / logo by Lauryl Loberg -Photo by CircleFace via Flickr

LSProject: The Great Waste

By now you might have heard of a thing called “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” But if you haven’t, it’s basically a large vortex in the center of the Pacific Ocean where scie

Abby Tofte

Affordable housing rental proposal goes before EDA

The Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency has brought a proposal to the Cook County-Grand Marais Economic Development Authority for affordable rental housing.

Moose calves

Moose calf collaring begins

Biologists have begun collaring moose calves in the second phase of a study to determine why Minnesota's moose population is declining so rapidly.

Marriage Equality

West End News: May 16

Every year, here at Sawbill Outfitters, we outfit a group of college freshmen from Nebraska Wesleyan University.  It’s a summer seminar on wilderness and we’ve really enjoyed working

Commissioner Sue Hakes

County Board hears School Trust Land details

Transportation Improvement plans, School Trust Land exchange, hiring a County Administrators and fixing up the historic Gunflint Trail sign.

Seate Majority Leader Tom Bakk

Legislature is set to act on taxes

The Minnesota House and Senate are poised to vote on a final tax package yet this week.


Creating a global tapestry of climate stories from around the world

  Buck chatted May 10 with Prof. Aaron Doering of the Learning Technologies program at the U of MN. He recently returned from a two-week expedition in the Canadian Arctic, leading a crew of five whose mission is to work with Arctic communities to tell their climate change stories. The project is called North of Sixty.

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