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Perch lures

Local Fish Report for Friday, Sept. 23

According to our fishing expert, Jon Muich of Buck’s Hardware…Fishing’s slowed a little bit this week as people were getting ready for the bird hunting season.

Crew. Front (L-R) Pete Harris, Len Voit, Lee Wenzel, Tom Rice, Steve Lenius, Lowell Johnson. Back: Ted Young and Karla Miller

Rain slows Pagami Creek Fire; Banadad bridge work allowed to continue

The Pagami Creek Fire remains at 30% contained at 93,669 acres. Between 0.2–0.5 inches of rain fell on the fire area yesterday. Since Sunday, 3/4 to 1 inch of rain has fallen on the fire.

Photo by Hans Martin - Polly Lake - 9/12/2011

West End News: Sept. 22

More than a week has passed since Monday, September 12th, when the Pagami Creek Fire made its historic run.  Driven by high temperatures, high winds and long term drought, the fire ran more than

A schematic showing the regions where natural disasters will occur due to climate change.

Dr. Seth Moore: Climate Change - Part I

September 14, 2011

Dr. Seth Moore is Director of Biology and Environment with the Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa.

Smoke cloud from the air

Firefighting team in BWCA reaches nearly 840

Rain is giving firefighters a break in their battle against the Pagami Creek wilderness blaze in northeastern Minnesota.

Great Expectations School

Great Expectations begins the school year with future growing pains

School is in session at Great Expectations with an enrollment of 70 students and growing.


Forest disturbance expert Lee Frelich discusses effect of fire on the boreal forest

Ann Possis spoke Sept. 16 with Lee Frelich, director of the Center for Forest Ecology at the U of MN, about likely effects of the Pagami Creek Fire on the BWCAW forest.


Singer-songwriter Lindsay Mac visits the Roadhouse on big music weekend

Buck chatted with musician Lindsay Mac Sept. 16. She was in town for Mountain Stage and Unplugged X, and brought her new four-string guitar to Studio A to play a few songs.

Pagami Creek Fire smoke cloud over Eastern Europe

Pagami Creek Fire Update – smoke cloud over Eastern Europe

The Pagami Creek Fire is now 30% contained. The size decreased to 93,669 acres because of more accurate GPS mapping on the northwest side.

Woodchuck / photo: Google Images

North Woods Naturalist: True hibernators of the North Shore

Bears hibernate, but many don’t consider them true hibernators. We do have three mammals locally who truly hibernate.

Pagami Creek Fire - Polly Lake looking west: photo by Dennis Neitzke USFS 9/17/2011

Rain expected to prevent forest fire from growing

A half-inch of rain over the next couple days is expected to keep the Pagami Creek fire from spreading in northeastern Minnesota.


North Woods Naturalist: Tracking the spaceship fruit

To use an intriguing metaphor – seasonal fruit as spaceship.

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