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Worldwide Week of Partnership

A Stand for Partnership - October 26, 2013

The third week of October was designated the World Wide Week of Partnership by Barry Oshry of Power & Systems.  The purpose of this week is to deepen our awareness and ability to generate par

Special Prosecutor Thomas Heffelfinger announces charges against Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell. Photo by Carah Thomas - WTIP

Full audio of Heffelfinger news conference

Special Cook County Prosecutor Thomas Heffelfinger held a news conference the morning of Oct. 31 regarding the charges brought against Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell.

Crowd gathered at Cook County Courthouse to hear Special Prosecutor Thomas Heffelfinger. Photo by Carah Thomas

Scannell charged with two felony counts

Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell has been charged with two counts of fourth degree criminal sexual conduct.


County Board and Scannell issue statements regarding Grand Jury charges

After special prosecutor Thomas Heffelfinger’s press conference Thursday announcing charges brought against County Attorney Tim Scannell, the County Commissioners issued a statement, as did Scan


Critter du Jour brings music & fun to The Roadhouse

Buck, Dick & Ann welcomed local band Critter du Jour to Studio A during the recent "All Welcome" membership drive. Ken McMillan,  guitar; Barb LaVigne, flute; Tom VanCleve, accordion & fiddle; and Susan Maijala; percussion, made lovely music and lots of laughs.  

Sen. Al Franken

Sen. Franken to introduce NSA transparency legislation

Sen. Al Franken is concerned about transparency in National Security Agency surveillance on U.S. citizens. WTIPs Jay Andersen spoke with the senator about his Surveillance Transparency Act of 2013.

Thomas Heffelfinger

Special prosecutor to appear here Thursday

Special Cook County Prosecutor Thomas B. Heffelfinger will be in Grand Marais tomorrow, Oct.

Cailan & Collin (Photo by Bjorn Johnson)

Youth Radio Project: Love, Long-distance

It's something a lot of young couples face when they graduate from high school. Should they split up as they go off to new adventures?

Part of the CCHS Cross Country Team

Sean MacDonell interviews Cross County coach April Wahlstrom

The Cook County Cross Country team is wrapping up their 2013 season this month.

Jack o' lanterns are a sure sign that Halloween is approaching (Jose Luis Murillo/Flickr)

Youth Take: Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, so youth producer Molly Seitsema took to the halls of Cook County Schools to ask students a few questions. What are you planning on dressing up as this year?

Sean shares some of the movies to see -or not- this month (Roey Ahram/Flickr)

Sean's Movie Rundown: The October Edition

There are a lot of movies out in theaters right now, but which ones are worth seeing?

Siberian Peashurb (pverdonk/Flickr)

Sounds from science class: Ridding the school of Siberian Peashrub

During the month of October, the 10th graders at Cook County High School have been busy learning about invasive species, including one that grows right behind the school: Siberian Peashrub.


Dr. John Smol, one of the world's top Arctic researchers, on learning about climate change from lake sediment samples

Buck spoke Oct. 24 with Prof. John Smol of Queen's University in Ontario about his work in paleolimnology, or the study of lake sediment to study environmental changes, especially climate change. Dr. Smol was recently named by Canadian Geographic magazine as one of the top Canadians making a difference in Canada and the world.

Great Expectations Charter School

School News from Great Expectations: October 25

Gus and Brynn share the latest from the Bear Cubs, Fawns, Wolves, Lynx, and Otters.

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