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Sweet news...chocolate may help keep you thin

Buck spoke Apr. 6 with Dr. Beatrice Golomb, physician-scientist at the University of California-San Diego, about her recently published study showing that chocolate consumption is associated with lower weight. Who knew?


Hovland musicians Jim & Michele Miller stop by Studio A

Buck and Bob hosted local musicians Jim and Michele Miller Mar. 30, who talked about how they collaborate, and shared some great music.


Social ethics professor & author Gary Dorrien on Obama...has he lived up to his promises?

Bob spoke Mar. 30 with Gary Dorrien, professor of social ethics at Union Theological Seminary, and author of "The Obama Question: A Progressive Perspective." Has Obama been a major disappointment, or has he made significant strides for the country?

Newspaper...a treasury of moments in time...

Moments in Time: Cook County News Herald

The Cook County News Herald is truly a treasury of moments in time.

"It’s “tweener” time in north country..."

Wildersmith April 20

It’s “tweener” time in north country, the period of each year when Gunflint residents celebrate quietness, separating winter activities and the mad rush of our fishing opener, along

Tune in for Boomer Jam, Friday nights from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. (femaletrumpet02/Flickr)

Boomer Jam

on WTIP Friday 8-10pm.
Music from the 1960s through 1980s

Among many other things, the Baby Boomer generation will be remembered for its music.

Forest Service logo

USFS names new Forest chief

The U.S. Forest Service announced Wednesday that Brenda Halter has been named the new supervisor of the Superior National Forest.


Gunflint Notebook: Hitting Deer

In the edition of the Gunflint Notebook, there are those that HAVE hit a deer with their car and there are those that WILL hit a deer with their car. Just a few weeks ago, Steve's time came due.

Will Minnesota Fishing and Boating Stop Being Fun?

Points North: Will Minnesota Fishing and Boating Stop Being Fun?

Minnesota boaters are now required to stick a new decal on all watercraft from kayaks to sea planes under penalty of law.


'Mushin' Mortician' Scott Janssen saves lead dog's life during the Iditarod

Buck spoke Mar. 30 with Scott Janssen, an Anchorage dog musher and mortician, about this year's Iditarod and about his remarkable resuscitation of his lead dog, Marshall. 

GES logo

GES administrator talks about enrollment and the school calendar

Great Expectations School administrator Peter James looks at enrollment, expansion plans and a revised school calendar. James spoke with WTIP's Jay Andersen.

Sen. Al Franken

Sen. Franken explains his courthouse security bill

Sen. Al Franken spoke with WTIP’s Jay Andersen on “Daybreak” earlier.

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