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"Tovar's doctor and his wife suggested adding animal products to his diet might help him feel better"

Points North: When A Vegan Goes Hunting

Tovar Cerulli has AOH, an increasingly common syndrome. The symptoms appeared in his 30s and were somewhat of a surprise. AOH is the acronym for what Cerulli terms Adult Onset Hunting.

Redistricting maps: Duluth News Tribune graphic

New Minn. legislative maps pair 46 incumbents

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota's new legislative district maps pit 46 incumbents against each other and create 23 open seats.

Ashley Deschampe.

Ashley Deschampe competes for spot in national three-point shootout

Cook County High School senior guard Ashley Deschampe has been chosen as one of 16 girls to compete for the final spot in the National High School Three-Point Championship Shootout.

Willow in Winter

Weekend Outdoors with Larry Weber - February 18th

Local naturalist and retired teacher Larry Weber joins us each Saturday morning to share his observations on what's going on in the great outdoors.

Photo courtesy of Todd Metcalfe via Flickr.

The Voices

In this short piece, youth producer Zack Anderson reads his poem "The Voices." Enjoy!

Sometimes I Don't Like Writing Poetry

Sometimes I Don't Like Writing Poetry

Sometimes, just sometimes, words don't do justice. In this short poem, youth producer Michaela Peterson tells a story that reflects these rare moments.

Simply Stressed

Simply Stressed

Tourists, boyfriends, throat aches. All of these things have left Kaylee Cronberg simply stressed.

School Clock

Seventh Hour

In the last hour of the school day, youth producer Emily Terrill's thoughts float out of the window, over the trees, across the roads, to home.

2:00 A.M.

2:00 A.M.

The dark can evoke a lot of different emotions, and for youth producer Cecilia Schnobrich, the darkness of 2:00 A.M.


To My Little Brother

In this short piece, youth producer Cailan Carpenter sends warm thoughts to her little brother in a short poem.

Photo by Nick K. via Flickr.

Night Terrors

In this short poem, youth commentator Abby Sutton shares the dark, terrifying imagery inside her nightmares.


Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

In this short poem, Ashley Berglund shares her thoughts on the filthy youth of America.

Photo courtesy of jypsygen via Flickr.

Morning frost on pine

West End News Feb. 16

Although we are barely halfway through February, the freeze and thaw cycle that we usually see in March and April has begun.

Kid at the radio

Weekend News Roundup for Feb. 18

Each weekend WTIP news produces a round up of the news stories they’ve been following this week.

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