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Nicole Paradise and Greg Rohleder reunite with their dog J.J.,  two weeks after he was lost in the BWCA Wilderness.

West End News: August 1

During the mega-storm back on July 17, two dogs were lost in the BWCA Wilderness.  A collie named Tomah was lost on Brule Lake, and a border collie named JJ was lost on the portage south of Chero

Tune in for the Youth Show Thursdays at 5 P.M

Youth Show: July 25

This week on the youth show, we talked to Sergio Portesan, who worked with the Minnesota Historical Society to connect American and Iraqi students, and Michaela Peterson about her upcoming volunteer w

Uganda. Photo by PeterJBellis via Flickr.

Youth Radio Project interviews CCHS graduate Michaela Peterson before she heads out to Africa.

The Youth Radio Project had CCHS graduate Michaela Peterson on the show one last time to talk about her training for her upcoming volunteer work in Uganda.

2013 North Shore Dragon Boat Festival

WTIP Tippers paddle at the 2013 North Shore Dragon Boat Festival. Video from Dennis Chick.

Mystery Noise! Photo by Oberazzi via Flickr.

Mystery Noise: July 25

Take a listen to this week's "Mystery Noise," a feature on the Thursday PM Youth Show!

See the crescent moon this month. Photo by jpstanley via Flickr.

Northern Sky: Catch the waning moon, Jupiter, and Mars in late July and early August.

Deane Morrison is a science writer at the University of Minnesota, where she authors the Minnesota Starwatch column.


The goldeneye: a northland visitor

They’re one of our most recognizable ducks, but they tend to show up early in the season and then leave they’re ducklings soon after they’re ready for the water WTIP’s Jay Ande


Gordon Thorne plays Studio A

Fingerstyle guitarist Gordon Thorne stopped by The Roadhouse July 26 for chat, laughs, and, of course, great music.


New model of iceberg behavior suggests major breakage potential in Antarctica, Greenland

Dr. Jeremy Bassis, assistant professor of atmospheric, oceanic & space sciences at the Univeristy of Michigan, joined Dick recently to discuss icebergs. Bassis is lead author of a paper on a new model of iceberg calving & formation that shows that stretches of ice on the coasts of Greenland & Antarctica are in danger of rapidly breaking apart and falling into the sea. Learn more about how this model works, and what the effect might be on global sea levels.

Shawn Perich

Shawn Perich shines light on new generation's influence on Grand Marais, Cook County

Buck & Dick spoke recently with Shawn Perich, publisher of North Shore Highway 61, about the "Grand Marais renaissance" he sees taking place with a creative new generation in the community. Twenty- and 30-somethings are making their way and revitalizing Cook County in the process. You can read his full article here.

WTIP sation manager Deb Benedict in last year's parade

Weather is so far so good for the Picnic

The weather outlook for Fishermen’s Picnic is looking up. WTIP’s Jay Andersen spoke with National Weather Service meteorologist Steve Gohde about what may finally be summer.

Male Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Wildersmith on the Gunflint: July 26th

This green tunnel through the woods has forever been blessed with magic, and the past week saw the “old gal” who is in charge of things adding some much needed enhancement.  Rain the

Radio Hat

Weekend News Roundup for July 27

Each week the WTIP news staff puts together a roundup of the news over the past five days.

Superintendent Beth Schwarz

ISD166 making changes to facility and staff

Prompted by some personnel changes, the ISD 166 school board held a special meeting last Thursday.

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