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A locally grown Christmas tree in a Grand Marais home

Christmas trees have a local connection

Have you purchased a Christmas tree at a local business? Do you know where it was grown? Odds are the tree has been cared for by Karen Smaby of Grand Marais. 

Lily Gruber-Schulz

Former Cook County Vikings basketball player now playing at collegiate level

Lily Gruber-Schulz graduated from Cook County High School in the spring of 2016. While attending school in Grand Marais, Lily became well recognized for her talents as a student athlete.

Merry snowy Christmas

Weather Service issues warning of heavy snow for Christmas Day

There is a 100 percent chance of precipitation Christmas Day and into Monday. WTIP’s Jay Andersen spoke with National Weather Service Meteorologist Dean Melde about snow and more snow.

Winter at Maple Hill Church

Local churches invite community to Christmas services

Many area churches host special services during the holiday season. There are opportunities for caroling, community potlucks and fellowship.

Jan Sivertson

County Board re-sets the levy to 11.21 percent increase

At the end of a marathon session, the Cook County Board settled on a levy increase of 11.21 percent.

Frank Moe

Commissioner Frank Moe resigns from county board

Following a grueling meeting focused on the 2017 budget, and shortly after the levy was set at 11.21 percent, Cook County Commissioner Frank Moe abruptly resigned from the county board.

SInger/pianist/performer Sherrie Lindskog with two of the WTIP Chorus members

Sing along with Sherrie Lindskog and the WTIP Chorus

Dave & Dick welcomed Sherrie Lindskog to Studio A for delightful piano music, Christmas carols, and laughter. Merry Christmas!

Nevin Holmberg at the Dec. 20 county board meeting.

UPDATE: Commissioners set levy at 11.21 percent

Update: Following a meeting of the Cook County Commissioners that lasted until approximately 5:15 p.m. on Tuesday, December 20, the levy has been set at an increase of 11.21 percent.

Setting up the legendary "Old Black"

Adventures in ice fishing with Joe Friedrichs

WTIP producer and music director Will Moore has never been properly ice fishing. As someone born and raised in Minnesota, he feels this needs to change.

Sawtooth Mountain Elementary School

School News from Sawtooth Mountain Elementary: December 20

Landon, Talon, and McCoy report the latest school news.

Click here for archived editions of school news.

chilly interview!

National Ice Core Lab stores samples from ice sheets all over the world

The National Ice Core Laboratory near Denver is...sorry...a really cool place. It's the repository for miles of ice that contains information about the planet's past and the history of its climate. Dick chatted with Richard Nunn, assistant curator of the lab, about what they do there, why it's important, and the special challenges involved with storing and studying ice. You can learn lots more about the lab at their website.

One of this year's designs

U of MN engineering students make really cool robots

Every year, students taking the U of MN intro to engineering class are charged with designing a robot that does something 'useful.' Dave chatted with Prof. William Durfee, director of engineering design education, about the project and the creative & fun ideas students came up with. You can see this and past year's robots here. 

The Great Lakes face many problems--including climate change, invasive species, contaminants and more

Ship held in Duluth harbor now paying for North Shore environmental projects

Last year the activities of a large ship in the Duluth harbor was hit with $1 million in penalties after pleading guilty to dumping oily wastewater into the Great Lakes.

Julefest 2016 St. Lucia entering.jpg

Bethlehem Lutheran celebrates St. Lucia Day traditions

St. Lucia Day is an important tradition of the Scandinavian culture. It is celebrated here in Cook County at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

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