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Events offered by the Violence Prevention Center

 "Speak up, even when your voice shakes!" is the topic of tomorrow’s Brown Bag lunch sponsored by the Violence Prevention Center.

Spirit tree

Local officials weigh-in on Indigenous People's Day

Columbus Day or Indigenous People’s Day? Local units of government weigh-in as controversy grows. WTIP’s Jay Andersen has this report.


Fungi noose

North Woods Naturalist: Predatory fungi

Fungi are an important part of the earth’s scheme of decomposition. But do they hunt and kill? WTIP’s Jay Andersen talks with naturalist Chel Anderson about predatory fungi.

Stage Door: End of the season

‘Stage Door’ takes us behind the scenes at the Grand Marais Playhouse.

October is College Knowledge month at Cook County Higher Education

Potential students can get help with the tools needed for application to college and training programs.

‘Fishing Through the Ages’ features speakers from three generations, October 9

‘Fishing Through the Ages’ is the theme of this year’s annual Storytelling Dinner sponsored by the North Shore Commercial Fishing Museum. WTIP volunteer Yvonne Mills talked with

John Gorka

Folksinger and songwriter John Gorka performs October 10

Recognized as innovative and  intelligent, folksinger/songwriter John Gorka will perform at the Arrowhead Center for the Arts on Saturday, October 10.

Meteorologist Carol Christenson

Pleasant fall weather continues

Cloudy but nice for the next day or two, some rain mid-week and then clear as the weekend approaches. WTIP’s Jay Andersen spoke with National Weather Service meteorologist Carol Christenson.

The Marvelous Imagination of Katie Addams: Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Epilogue

(Photo courtesy of Loren Kerns on Flickr)

Listening to the radio

WTIP Weekend News Roundup for October 3

Each week the WTIP news staff compiles a review of news from the previous five days.

Mars {NASA /Flikr}

Northern Sky: October 3

Deane Morrison is a science writer at the University of Minnesota.

Fresh Eggs


Farmers' Market


Sustainable Agriculture Projects

Diane Booth and Joan Farnam talk with Randy Hanson, the founder, coordinator and
“farmer in chief” of the Sustainable Agriculture Project at the University of Minnesota-

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