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The Roadhouse


  • Friday 5-7pm
Arts & Culture Interviews & Live Music
This program officially starts the weekend along the North Shore and across the North Woods. Hosts Dave TerSteeg & CJ Heithoff and producer Ann Possis provide two hours packed with insightful interviews,  weekend happenings, local features and toe-tapping music. You never know quite what to expect on the Roadhouse! 
Arts, cultural and history features on WTIP are made possible in part by funding from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Check out other programs and features funded in part with support from the Heritage Fund.


What's On:

John & Maddy MacIndoe share stories of Antarctic adventure

20130118macindoes.mp360.57 MB

Buck chatted recently with seasonal residents John & Maddy MacIndoe, just back from a National Geographic excursion to Antarctica for their 40th anniversary. They shared wonderful stories about all they saw, including penguins, whales, and much more.



Artist/musician Marlin Ledin captures sounds of Lake Superior's ice

20130118marlinledin.mp337.62 MB

Ann Possis visited with Washburn, Wisc., musician and artist Marlin Ledin Jan. 18 about his project to record the ice sounds of Lake Superior, both to preserve them and as an inspiration for his music. The interview includes several segments of those recordings. He was in Grand Marais to speak at North House Folk School the next evening. You can learn more about him, his music, and his field recordings here.


Winter plowing (TranBC/Flickr)

County Engineer Dave Betts on winter plowing

Dave Betts County Engineer on Plowing.mp313.21 MB

On the January 11 edition of The Roadhouse, host Cathy Quinn got a chance to visit with Cook County Engineer Dave Betts after the county experienced extensive freezing rain.  In this interview, Dave talks about how much last week’s storm cost and what it takes to maintain the county roads in the winter.


Idle No More

Duluth organizer Reyna Crow on Idle No More movement

Reyna Crow_Idle No More_Roadhouse_20130111.mp38.7 MB

Idle No More is a grassroots movement that has recently been sweeping across the country and the world. On the January 11 edition of The Roadhouse, host Kelly Schoenfelder spoke with Duluth Idle No More organizer Reyna Crow about how the movement started and some of the events that have taken place in Duluth as part of the cause.

Photo by andriko.l on Flickr.


A shot of Earth's surface (NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center/Flickr)

Astro Bob: Asteroid Apophis won't hit us in 2029

Astro Bob_Apophis Asteroid_Roadhouse_20130111.mp310.03 MB

The asteroid Apophis was discovered by astronomers in 2004. Upon its discovery, it appeared that it was going to come pretty close to striking Earth in 2029 when it was passing by in its orbit around the sun. However, upon closer observation, it appears that we might be in the clear after all. Astronomer and blogger Bob King, also known as Astro Bob, joined host Kelly Schoenfelder on the January 11 edition of The Roadhouse to tell us more about the news.


Orca Whale (Ashley Coates/Flickr)

Inukjuak town manager Johnny Williams on trapped whales in Hudson Bay

Johnny Williams_Inukjuak Whales_Roadhouse_20130111.mp314.55 MB

The small village of Inukjuak in Nunavut, Canada, has been the site of a lot of media attention in the last few weeks. A family of killer whales had been trapped beneath the ice in Hudson Bay near Inukjuak for several days before finally making it out on Wednesday, January 9. Inukjuak town manager Johnny Williams spoke with hosts Cathy Quinn and Kelly Schoenfelder about how the village got together to help the whales on the January 11 edition of The Roadhouse.


Duluth Light (James Jordan/Flickr)

Filmmaker Vincent Gargiulo on "Duluth is Horrible" film

Vincent Gargiulo_Duluth is Horrible_Roadhouse_20130111.mp39.54 MB

Vincent Gargiulo is an award-winning filmmaker whose work has been shown around the country. At the beginning of January, Vincent completed a successful kickstarter campaign to fund his next film called “Duluth is Horrible.” The film is "a series of vignettes chronicling a few lonely people in Duluth, MN searching for a connection in a bleak winter." Vincent joined host Kelly Schoenfelder on the January 11th edition of The Roadhouse us to tell us more about himself and the film.



Musical favs Michael Monroe & Claudia Schmidt make year-end appearance in Studio A

20121228monroeschmidt.mp392.5 MB

Bob & Buck hosted musicians Michael Monroe and Claudia Schmidt Dec. 28, in advance of their Log Cabin Concerts for the holiday weekend. They played and sang together and solo, and made great conversation in between.

Wolf in the wild

Duluth News-Tribune writer Sam Cook looks back at the year in the outdoors

20121228samcook.mp355.57 MB

Buck visited Dec. 28 with Sam Cook, longtime writer for the Duluth News-Tribune, about significant events and developments in the outdoors world in 2012. They covered the new wolf hunt, the resurgence of extraction in our economy, the future of the outdoors in the techno age, and much more.



"The Wrong Omar" makes Roadhouse music debut

20121221thewrongomar.mp343.46 MB

Bob & Buck welcomed Minneapolis musician "The Wrong Omar" (Joey Shaheen) to Studio A Dec. 21 for his WTIP/Roadhouse debut. His songs are original, quirky, and fun.