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County taxpayers may be confused by special levies in 2011

An operating levy from ISD166 will be a referendum question on the November 2 ballot.

Garter Snake

Wildlife buttons up for winter

Chel Anderson is a botanist and plant ecologist for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Mark Sandbo

Grand Marais Mayoral Candidates: Mark Sandbo

Two candidates are running for Grand Marais Mayor. Former mayor Mark Sandbo is running again. WTIPs Jay Andersen interviewed Sandbo as a part of the city candidate series.

1932 Thomas radio

Weekend News Roundup for Oct. 23

Each weekend WTIP news produces a round up of the news stories they’ve been following this week.

Mr. Frost reads to his preschool class

Early childhood education, economic development and the school referendum

Cook County Schools ISD 166 is going to voters for approval of a property tax increase to help support and sustain the district’s operations. A small part of what the levy would preserve is money designated for early childhood education: education for kids before kindergarten and support for their families.

Kerrie Fabius

County soil survey complete for 2010

The county’s Soil and Water District has been working with contractors to map Cook County soils. So far about 20% of private land has been surveyed.

Larry "Bear" Carlson

Grand Marais Mayoral Candidates: Larry "Bear" Carlson

Two candidates are running for Grand Marais Mayor. Former high school science teacher Larry “Bear” Carlson is a write-in for that office.

Prehistoric arrowheads

Archeological digs set for north shore

The Duluth Archaeological Center is conducting a survey for the Office of the State

Bob Spry

Grand Marais City Council Candidate: Bob Spry

Three candidates are running for Grand Marais City Council. One of them is Bob Spry. WTIPs Jay Andersen interviewed Spry as a part of this week’s city candidate series.