West End News Nov. 18, 2009

Polly Erickson, coordinator of the recent blood drive at Zoar church in Tofte, reports that the drive was very successful, once again. The roster was full and there were only two no shows.

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Clever Manka

Saturday Morning Story with Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux is a regular feature on WTIP's North Shore Weekend program Saturday mornings from 7-10. Listen to Clever Manka.

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Frank and Eileen Have a Snow Day

Inspired by Lake Woebegone, I was happy to have a reason (a mini-Membership Drive) to create this story. Best enjoyed while wearing mukluks and eating steel cut oats.

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The Grumpy Pumpkin

Thanks to Tina and Colleen of the Wonder Weavers for teaching me this story when I was first working as a storyteller. When we performed in tandem, the Grumpy Pumpkin wore a pumpkin suit!

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The Ghost of John

I never know how scary is too scary--so I love silly, spooky stories. This was created from the song "Have You Seen The Ghost of John" that we sang in elementary choir.

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Why the Leaves Change Color in the Fall

A rare story that began as a written tale and was transferred to the oral form. Since moving to the Gunflint Trail my knowledge of trees has broadened considerably.


The New Three Little Pigs

Another original. Stories like this are thanks to having a great practice buddy to "listen the stories out."


The Fairy in the Web

I heard this story from Duncan Williamson, a National Treasure of Scotland. He grew up in a very large family, and when he was thirteen there was simply no more room in the house, so he left. He made his living as a tinker, repairing pots and collecting stories. At the end of his life he knew 3,000 some tales in his head--he never wrote them down, though others did.


Tokoyo the Pearl Diver

A Japanese tale about a brave and loving girl who was so admired by her people that they named Tokoyo in her honor.


The Pancake

In my family, my sisters and I would make Swedish pancakes every Saturday night while listening to "A Prairie Home Companion." Josie would pour the batter, I would flip, and Abbey must've been the taste-tester. Our dog waited for the first one that was always too greasy with butter.


Senor Coyote

A classic trickster tale about Coyote. From Mexico.


Why Dogs Sniff Each Other's Tails

This is a Native American story found in a number of tribes. Thanks to Dovie Thompson for sharing.

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