Millwoker at Hedstrom Lumber

Living on the Edge: Part 7 and 8

There’s no question that the recession has had an impact locally. The use of social services are up, unemployment is high, and many local business with deep roots in the community are feeling the pinch.

School lunch at ISD 166

Living on the Edge: Part 5 and 6

Demand for food assistance has surged in Cook County in the last year. Thirty-three percent of the county’s school aged children are on the free and reduced price lunch program. With local unemployment at an 18 year high, organizations that offer assistance with food are increasingly busy.

Jane Burke unpacks after her third move this year

Living on the Edge: Parts 3 and 4

Affordable housing has been an issue in Cook County for years whether it’s finding a secure rental or buying a home. There’s a discrepancy between incomes and what the average home price is in Cook County. The average wage falls behind both Lake and St. Louis County at just $23,000 a year.

Photo by Stephan Hoglund

Living on the Edge: Part 1

It is no secret. Cook County is a beautiful place. With the boundary waters and Lake Superior, the environment is spectacular. But there is another side to this place, beyond all the natural beauty. One where families struggle to get by—a side where people choose between paying for healthcare and putting food on the table.

Photo by Stephan Hoglund

Living on the Edge: Exploring Economic Reality in Cook County

“Living on the Edge: Exploring Economic Reality in Cook County” is a year long project that takes a broad look at the economic issues facing our community.

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A Whiskey Jack eats from Fred's hand

Wildersmith on the Gunflint Nov. 11, 2009

The overture toward winter stalled out since we last met on the radio, and those in the upper Gunflint that have been in despair about the gray skies of the past weeks are smiling once again.

Blood donor

West End News Nov. 11, 2009

The next blood drive in the West End is coming up fast. The drive will be at Zoar Lutheran Monday, Nov. 16 from 2:30 until 5:30 p.m.

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Behind the Work: Ann Curtis

Ann Curtis is head of the Cook County Schools ISD 166 Cafeteria. She serves school breakfast and lunch daily and makes the majority of the meals from scratch.


Marco Good

Marco Good runs Beautyway Horselogging. He and his draft horses perform a variety of jobs from logging timbers to giving old-fashioned sleigh rides in the winter.


Chuck Petek

Chuck Petek has been a barber in Grand Marais for 41 years. Chuck does more than just cut hair; he’s a shoulder to lean on for many and is always willing to listen. He’s privy to much of the town gossip and holds people’s secrets dear.

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Shannon Perkins

Shannon Perkins, like many Cook County residents, works more than one job to get by. Shannon has a college degree in social work but picked up many odd jobs to make things work in Cook County.

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