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Walmart store

"Big Box" stores and the "Buy Local" movement

In the last 25 years or so, the U.S.


What's up with this weird weather?

National Weather Service Meteorologist Mike Stewart talked with Buck Mar. 26 about our short winter, early spring, and what it all means. Listen to the interview.


Walking from Minneapolis to Miami for Haiti earthquake relief

Ann spoke Mar. 26 with Jordan Dibb, who left the next day on foot from Minneapolis to Miami to raise money for Haiti earthquake and hunger relief. Listen to the interview.

Sheriff Mark Falk

Sheriff discusses on-going investigations and fire preparedness

In an interview Tuesday, Cook County Sheriff Mark Falk said an attempted break-in at the West End went badly for at least one of the perpetrators.

Ruffed grouse

Buds, birds and drumming grouse signal spring

Catkins, tiny flowers and sweet smelling Balm of Gilead are all strong signs that spring is on the way.

Lake Superior / NASA photo

Lake Superior water levels continue seasonal decline

Lake Superior’s water level fell 2 inches in February, continuing its seasonal decline. The level of Lake Superior is forecasted to hit its seasonal low in

U of M logo

U of M significantly expands financial aid for MN students

Officials at the University of Minnesota are reminding current and prospective students that a recent expansion to the University of Minnesota Promise (U Promise) Scholar

Polling station sign

Grand Portage primary election Tuesday, March 30th

Four candidates are running for a four-year term on the Grand Portage Reservation Business Committee.  Primary voting is from 8 a.m.

Robotics Club mentor TIm Johnson (right), works with freshman Jana Sanders and sophomore David Hansen

CCHS Robotics Club to compete at University of Minnesota

Robots aren’t exactly roaming the halls of Cook County High School these days, but the CCHS Robotics Club is in high gear, preparing for a three-day competition


Fire danger is high in county

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has classified the entire state, with the exception of far southeastern counties, as being in high fire danger.

Vintage radio

Weekend News Wrap for March 27

Each week the WTIP News Department provides a summary of the stories it has been following that week. Tune in to WTIP's North Shore Weekend Saturdays from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m.

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