Sawtooth students read to get Senior Center a Wii game system

Third graders read for Wii

Sawtooth Elementary kids are reading extra books these days, and they’re doing it to help out seniors at the Grand Marais Senior Center.

Landline, cell, and internet communications were disrupted Tuesday along the North Shore

North Shore communication cutoff on Tuesday

People along the North Shore on Tuesday found themselves reverting to a pre-Internet and telephone world after a damaged fiber-optic line in Duluth shut down communications.


Lakeshore septic inspections continue as county puts ordinance on hold

Recent changes in Minnesota Pollution Control Agency rules have put a halt to Cook County’s efforts to revise the septic system ordinance.

Fresh snow on Pike Lake Road

Weekend Outdoors

Local naturalist and retired teacher Larry Weber joins us to share his observations on what's going on in the great outdoors.


The Roadhouse: Jim Kalb to race from International Falls to Tower -- listen to interview

Jim Kalb, who will race from International Falls to Tower Feb. 1, rode his racing bike loaded with gear to the interview Jan. 22.

The Hoolies

Art News for Jan. 23-28

There's lots of cool music planned for this weekend. Here's the rundown.

Pirates of the Carrot Bean comes to Cook County

“Pirates” to invade Sawtooth Elementary

They are not your typical peg-legged swashbucklers. They’re a theatre troupe that will be teaching the kids at Sawtooth Elementary all about good nutrition, health and hygiene.


Weekend News Wrap Jan. 23

Each week the WTIP News Department provides a summary of the stories it has been following that week. Tune in to WTIP's North Shore Weekend Saturdays from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m.


Mad About Jane live! on the Roadhouse

The band, Mad About Jane, play on The Roadhouse on Friday, Jan.


Eddie Mac Band live! on the Roadhouse Jan. 22

 The Eddie Mac band played on The Roadhouse Jan. 22.

End of day Blue

Mysteries can’t be Googled

Welcome back to Magnetic North on Jan. 21, where winter nights are filled with stars and song and mystery.


Gooneybirds rock the Roadhouse

Bob and Buck hosted the Gooneybirds in studio Jan. 15 for a rockin' good time. Listen to the music and interview.

Commissioner Jan Hall

County debate heats up over telecommuting issue

The state of Minnesota is moving toward what’s being called a “redesign” in government.

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