Commissioner Bob Fenwick

Local boards continue to move ahead with 1% sales tax projects

Groups looking for project funding through the 1% sales tax continue to meet, preparing to bring their findings to the county board.

Cook County Sheriff Mark Falk

Sheriff Falk talks about the county-wide fire ban and more

Each month, WTIP interviews Cook County Sheriff Mark Falk about current issues facing local law enforcement .  Sheriff Falk spoke with A.M.


Paul Mayasich plays The Roadhouse

Paul Mayasich brought his gorgeous guitar work to the Roadhouse April 23. Listen to the interview and the music.


Laundry powered by the sun

Rebecca Spengler, owner of A Laundry Room in Ely, spoke with Bob April 23 about the environmental and financial advantages of her solar-hot-water laundromat.

Flying school bus water dropper

Fire danger is at highest level in state

Campfires or recreational fires remain banned throughout all of Cook County, and the Kekekabic Trail, connector trails and loops stay closed until further notice.&nbsp

Art Colony Plein Air

Local arts organizations receive ARAC grants

The Arrowhead Regional Arts Council recently approved grant applications
totaling over $159,000 to be awarded in McKnight/ARAC Artist Support Grants,

Weekend Wrap

Weekend News Wrap April 24

Each week the WTIP News Department provides a summary of the stories it has been following that week. Tune in to WTIP's North Shore Weekend Saturdays from 7:00 to


Field Notes: Broad winged hawk

Field Notes with Molly Hoffman can be heard every Thursday, Fri

American Woodcock

Field Notes: American woodcock

Field Notes with Molly Hoffman can be heard every Thursday, Fri

Spring on the North Shore

Points North: There and back on a springtime expedition

"Let's pack a lunch and go on an expedition tomorrow," I told Vikki last Saturday.

"Where are you taking me?" was all she asked.

Wildfire sprinkler system

Nosey Rosey April 21

Aah- ROOOOO!   This is Nosey Rosey for WTIP comyooo-ni-tee  radio with news from the Gunflint Trail.  Bark! Bark!

Snow in August?

West End News April 22

In the last column I mentioned that someone had said that August was the only month in which it had not snowed in Cook County. I expressed grave doubt that this could be correct.

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