Brook trout spawn is on in cold streams

 Chel Anderson is a botanist and plant ecologist for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

ISD 166 campus in Grand Marais, MN

ISD 166 levy referendum interviews: pro and con

Cook County Independent School District 166 (ISD 166) has an operating levy referendum on the ballot November 2nd.  WTIP's Carah Thomas interviewed "Vote Yes" committee volunt

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ISD166 School Board Candidates Forum

On Thursday, Oct.7, the four candidates for ISD166 school board were in the WTIP studio to answer questions, state positions and discuss among themselves their role in the future of Cook County S


Duluth singer/songwriter Rachael Kilgour makes her WTIP debut

Duluth musician Rachael Kilgour stopped by The Roadhouse Oct. 8 in advance of her Oct. 9 ACA performance in Grand Marais.


Solar-powered trash cans save money, cut pollution

Buck spoke recently with Jim Poss, founder and chief technology officer of Big Belly Solar, a Massachusetts-based producer of waste receptacles that use solar po

Rep. David Dill

Rep. Dill to have kidney transplant surgery

State Rep. David Dill who has been coping with kidney disease since 1966 will be entering Hennepin County Medical Center tomorrow, Oct. 12, for a kidney transplant.

Zeneth Universal Wave Magnet radio

Weekend News Wrap-up for Oct. 9

Each weekend the WTIP News Department assembles the week’s important news stories to play here on North Shore Weekend.

Cell phone

Verizon Wireless under investigation for overcharges

Verizon Wireless, the largest cell phone carrier in the U.S., could pay out up to $90 million dollars in refunds to cell phone customers who were improperly charged for inadvertent Web access or

Rainbow trout

Local fishing report for Oct. 8

10/8/10 – There are lots of fish in Cook County lakes, the trick is to know where they are and how to catch them.

Chippewa Church Burial Courtesy of the Cook County Historical Society

Walking the Old Road: Chippewa City Cemetery

The Chippewa City Cemetery lies one-half mile east of St. Francis XavierCatholic Church.  The cemetery is divided into two sections, the "Old Cemetery" and the "New Cemetery". Though many of the oldest graves areunmarked, the site ties the families of Chippewa City and the Grand Marais Chippewa people to their recent and ancestral past.

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