Top food trends for your fav on the list?

Ever wonder about how food trends get started? Bob Carter chatted Dec. 5 with Kelly Hensel, senior digital editor at the Institute of Food Technologists, about what goes into predicting food trends, and what flavors are 'hot' for 2015. You can learn more about their work here.

Jenni Bowring McDonough

First MNsure deadline approaches

A MNsure enrollment deadline is fast approaching for those who want their coverage to begin the first of the year. WTIPs Jay Andersen spoke with MNsure’s  media coordinator in St. Paul.

School News from Oshki Ogimaag: December 8

Angel and Jack report the latest School News.

Falls of the Kazan River

High school student will give arctic canoe trip presentation: December 11

Local high school student, Carrie Palmer, will be giving a presentation on her recent Arctic canoe trip.


Is your personal information really private online? Legal expert explains

Facebook is making changes to its privacy policy as of Jan. 1, so we thought we'd look into online privacy from a legal standpoint. Prof. Jane Kirtley, director of the U of MN Silha Center for the Study of Media Ethics and the Law, spoke with Dick Dec. 5 about what information  Facebook and other companies can legally collect and use. Bottom line? Buyer beware.

Industrial Tech Instructor Peter Johnson

Cook County School News: Meet Peter Johnson, the new Industrial Tech instructor

Peter Johnson is the new Industrial Technologies instructor at Cook County School. He shares information on new course offerings and exciting changes occurring within his department.

Meteorologist Carol Christenson

Winter warming trend on the way

The snow will stop and the temps will dip for about a day and then the rest of the week will warm up – maybe too much for some people’s taste.

Boundary Country Trekking


11 Poplar Creek Drive
Grand Marais, MN 55604
United States

Superior Salt


Grand Marais, MN 55604
United States
Frank Moe

Commissioner-elect attends counties association meeting

Newly elected county commissioners are attending a meeting of the Association of Minnesota Counties. WTIPs Jay Andersen spoke with commissioner-elect Frank Moe in St. Cloud.

Francis Drouillard

Anishinaabe Way: Francis Drouillard

Francis Drouillard is a Grand Portage tribal member and a life-long hunter and fisherman. He is also my dad. I rode the back roads with him in his truck this fall, during the 2014 deer season.

Portable radio

Weekend News Roundup for December 6

Each week the WTIP news department puts together a roundup of the weeks top    news stories.

John Dillinger

Gus' Wild Side: The Good Side of a Gangster

Gus recalls his grandparents' story of a possible encounter with John Dillinger.

Wildersmith on the Gunflint: December 5

The upper Gunflint territory enters December, and I’m beginning to get a little nervous in regard to our area continuing to be missed by major snowstorms.

Great Expectations Charter School

School News from Great Expectations: December 5

Charlotte and Greta report the latest School News.

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