WTIP's Community Garden

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In the summer of 2009, WTIP partnered with the Northwoods Food Project to create a community garden on site at WTIP. The project was in direct response to community needs, and was funded by the “Engaging Communities on the Economy” grant from the National Center for Media Engagement.

What is a Community Garden?

A community garden is a piece of land shared by friends and neighbors for growing vegetables and flowers.  It provides opportunities for positive social interactions and recreation, as well as many other benefits. >>Learn more

The garden sits on the east edge of WTIP's parking lot. It’s long and narrow and includes five plots. Each plot varies in size. Families, individuals and two local youth groups are sharing the space each working to produce their very own crop of fresh produce.

Photos from the garden project:

Ginny Sims

New artist in residence at Grand Marais Art Colony

Ginny Sims, a potter, is the new artist in residence at the Art Colony in Grand Marais. She will be working and living at the colony for the next two weeks. On Friday she stopped by the Roadhouse to talk to Buck and Dave Seaton about her residency, including the inspiration and functionality of her work, as well as her travels and working in pottery studios abroad.

WTIP's Community Garden Sign

WTIP's Community Garden Thriving in its Third Season

WTIP's community garden is in the midst of its third growing season, with a total of eight community members tending plots this year.  The season was officially kicked off in mid-June as rain bar


Collaboration is a great thing by Joan Farnam

Collaboration is a great thing. At least that’s what all the gardeners who were looking at the newly constructed community garden in the parking lot at WTIP Community Radio a few weeks ago were probably thinking.